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Definition of Project Management Software

Project Management Software
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An organization continually works on several projects simultaneously. There is a need of an appropriate management for project completion. Normally this type of management was done by a team of some qualified persons or we can say that this was done manually. But with the advancement of higher technology, this work is moving from men to tools. Now-a-day, a great number of software and apps are performing such types of management tasks. To achieve the desired goals, it is most important to manage all the projects in a right direction. But if we choose manual form of management then there are lot of aspects that prove it worthless. A project contains different types of processes including daily routine workflow, if the organization manages such work processes through manual efforts, then there is a risk of improper management. When a man performs tasks, he takes a particular amount of time, meanwhile a tool or software does that work in no time. We can save not only valuable time but also money that can be spent on arranging for human resources.

Project Management Software is used for making strategies so that you can plan your project. We can organize our resources and tools with the help of such software. These tools create collaboration among different sector of organization such as Production, Sales, Marketing and many more. These software keep all employees as a team member so that they can put their effort together to achieve the targets. We are going to discuss various types of project management software that are used as per their specialty. There are different software for different project-activities.

The Best Project Management Software in 2022

Asana: Leading Project Management Software

Asana is one of the leading software that is ruling across the world. Its easy to use and flexible interface lets you perform your tasks seamlessly. With its Gantt chart feature, you can point out your due dates of your tasks and track the progress of your work process. Asana lets you integrate with hundreds of potential platforms that assist you in various activities like Slack, Dropbox, Unito and etc. Asana provides its version with some limitations for a particular period and there are two paid plans also. First, Premium Variant that charges $13.99 per month per user and second, Business Variant that takes $30.49 per month per user.


Trello is considered one of the finest simple task management software. Trello provides an excellent dashboard that allows project manager to make changes whenever he requires. With its drag and drop feature, you can easily reschedule the tasks and edit them too. Various types of power ups are available to complete projects and some of them are free and some of them charge a for more features. If we talk about it’s the best power up then we will find that Butler that present group of tasks automatically. A group of fewer people or a small team can use Trello’s free version that comes with some limitations. And the teams who are bigger in size can adopt its Business Variant that charges $9.99 per month per user.

Kissflow Project Management Software

This is one of the most popular project management software that provides multi powerful services. It is quite simple and easy to use so, who are new and want to start their journey in project management, they must go for Kissflow Project. This lets its manager to take care of their work operations with its awesome feature that is “user swimlane view”. It keeps its eyes on each project participants and track their activities. Kissflow Project also provides freely services with some limited plans like 3 custom view and a 50 GB storage. There are two popular paid plans also. First, Basic that charges $5 per user per month with unlimited storage and unlimited custom views. Second, Advanced that charges $12 per month per user.


This software is a perfect choice if you are looking for a solution that can help you managing your team. Its streamlined dashboard makes you identify that which task should be on top priority so that you can focus on them efficiently. You are permitted to adjust its interface according to your requirements. It helps you respond to your emails that makes communication faster and better. If you have two projects with the maximum number of users 5, then you can freely take Teamwork’s services, you won’t have to pay for such services. Addition to its free plan, there are three paid plans also. Pro that charges $12.50 per month per user. Premium plan charges $22.50 per month per user and Enterprises Plan is on quote based.


ProofHub secures its name in the list of top project management software. This software is also for such users who don’t have much technical knowledge, because it is quite simple in organizing task and teams. ProofHub is known for its amazing customization features that help create customization anywhere. You can also custom the access to various significant projects, whenever it requires.This platform provides its services through two paid plans that are as follows; Essential Version that charges $45 per user per month when you are billed annually. Second, Ultimate Control Vision that charges $89 per month and it is also billed annually.

This one is a well-known platform that is providing its services for a long period. is known for its third-party collaboration, because not each company allows its users to integrate with third party. This platform removes this obstacle that makes freelancers free to perform their tasks. It is also quite easy to communicate with your customers and clients via various communication sources. If we talk about its pricing plans then we see that there are three famous plans available. First, Basic plan that charges $8 per month per user with limit of 5GB data storage. Second, Standard that takes $10 per month per user up to 50 GB data storage and the last one is Pro that charges $16 per month per user up to 100 GB data storage.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an excellent variant from Zoho. This software helps you perform multi significant work processes. You can easily track your tasks at any point and analyze them. It assists you in making collaboration among different fields. When you use this software, you can create reports easily with the help of Gantt chart. With its real time chat options, it helps communicate with your clients and customers. Zoho provides some limited services through its free plan. Its Standard plan charges $3 that is limited up to 10 users. Its Express plan costs $4 that supports 50 users. Premium plan is priced at $5 that is up to 100 users. And, its Enterprises plan costs $6 without any limit of users.

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