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The Best Cricket Gaming Apps For Android and iOS

The Best Cricket Gaming Apps
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Cricket is one of the most played sports in the world and it has a large number of fans in the whole world especially in some Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka many more for those cricket fans who can’t play in real ground, there are numerous mobile gaming app. These games provide amazing experience to their users and they do not lack the enthusiasm. In current time, these mobile apps offer the same features that can be experienced on a pitch. The development of these gaming apps keeps each aspect of cricket match including rules and regulations, real life commentary players’ s gaming styles etc. Let’s have a look on the best Cricket Gaming Apps In 2022.

The Best Cricket Games in 2022

World Cricket Championship 3 – The Best Cricket Game in The World

This is the third episode of a famous cricket app series. WCC 3 features the same experience that can be felt on a cricket ground. This app offers multi significant features that may provide a real-life game feeling such as commentary by some professional cricketers, impressive control and many more. You can choose your stadium and team as per your choice because there a lot of world-wide famous cricket stadium and world’s best teams. Except team and stadium this app provides you a facility to choose the time and weather so that you can take the real time feeling. You can play as much as you want, it means you can play for short time or for a longer period. This new edition offers women cricket too, that is its latest feature. This app is developed by Nextwave Multimedia and this app can be installed on Android and iOS.

Real Cricket 20 – The Best Cricket Game For Android

The developer of Real Cricket 20 Mod Apk tried to keep the meaning of this title. It means there are all the qualities in this mobile gaming app that can create the same cricket environment that can be on cricket stadium. This mobile app offers multi cricket tournaments an many famous cricket leagues that are played across the world. As well as the tournament and leagues, this app features the popular cricket stadiums so that you can feel the environment of that particular country. There are different playing modes available like offline and online, two teams – two players match, tournaments – leagues modes. This mobile game was developed by Nautilus Mobile. It can be played on both iOS and Android.

World Cricket Battle 2

World Cricket Battle 2 mod apk is another splendid way to enjoy virtual cricket match. With some smart and awesome graphical features, this app secures its rank to be one of the most played cricket games. As other apps, you can choose your own team, players and stadium in this app too. This mobile app provides you an outstanding feature, as per this feature you can earn some point with you wins. With these points, you can unlock new amazing experiences. There are various modes available to lay the game. This app was developed by Creative Monkey Games and it can also be played on Android and iOS.

Stick Cricket Live

This cricket game was developed by Stick Sports Ltd and Android and iOS users can play this game on their mobiles. With splendid 3D graphics, well known stadium around the world, this game has the best impression on its users. There are several amazing features that make this app one of the highest rated gaming app. These features, includes a wide rage of shots, multi bowling actions, weather an time selection, earning match points, customization of your team.

Cricket League

Cricket league is another beautiful platform for cricket game lovers. This mobile app gives realistic experience to its users. There are some tutorial steps before playing a match so that you can easily learn how to play. Well designed dashboard and outstanding graphics enhance the thrill of its users. This game can be played on Android and iOS platforms. You can choose players as per choice and make the best playing 11.

Epic Cricket Big League Game

This gaming app boosts to fulfill all the desires of cricket gaming fans so that they can feel the best experience on this platform. The developers of this app featured it with high quality graphics that realize us a real-life cricket match. This game also has full match live commentary. Epic Cricket is designed with lots of bathing and bowling actions. You can hit reverse sweep, pull shot, helicopter shot etc. There are a number of players from different international teams. This application is developed by Nazara Technologies. An android user can play this game on his device.

Big Bash Cricket – Famous Cricket Gaming App In Australia

This mobile game mainly refers to Australian famous 20-20 cricket league. There are 8 teams named as the popular cities of Australia. The user of this game chooses his own team and creates it by choosing his favorite players. This mobile game enhances the thrill among its users with various gaming mode. One who can spare his little time on this, he should choose Quick play or super over mode. There some challenges like KFC Bucket challenge. This app is developed by Nextwave Multimedia

Smash Cricket

With remarkable 3D graphics this app provides a real-life cricket experience to its users. This game has various modes and features. You can play it offline an online. For offline mode, you won’t need the internet connection. You can feel the world cup vibes by playing against world’s different team. You can create you own dream team by choosing world’s best players. There are some famous tournaments including world cup 2015, premiere league, champions cup, challengers cup and world cup 2019. Its HD sound feature maximizes the thrill of users. You can play the shots like your favorite cricketers because it offers numerous shots and bowling actions.

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship

This gaming app is dedicated to the legend cricketer Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. You can experience the way as Sachin used to play. In this game, you can start your journey as a 16-year-old Sachin. This game offers all the playing shots that Sachin used to play. There are also various tournaments including IPL, World Cup, Big Bash and many more international and domestic series. Wonderful and amazing graphics and camera angles are used to grow the thrill of the game. It is tried in the best way to emulate all the real-life cricket match things. You must go for this game if you are also a die-hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

WCC Rivals

This is another outstanding gaming app that is available on Google Play without paying anything. In this game, you can play against your rival player as 1v1 multiplayer mode. While you are batting, the other player will bowl to you at that particular time. Additionally, WCC Rivals also has the same features that other apps have. You are permitted to create your own tournaments and teams as per choice. Mind blowing controls and fabulous graphical views make this game one of the best cricket gaming apps.

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