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Marketing Automation And The Best Software for Marketing Automation

best software for marketing automation
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Marketing automation uses all the activities that can automate the marketing processes such as automation of repetitive tasks, social media marketing, email marketing and ad campaigns. Marketing automation enables it easy to provide better services to improve the efficiency of the organization and to provide a better experience to their customers. If a company wants to achieve its goals and better revenue then it has to take the help of marketing automation. Marketing automation assists to streamline the marketing activities so that they can perform incredibly and can grow the revenue of the organization.

 To increase the sale, an organization will have to make outstanding efforts because now-a-day customer doesn’t come to you easily, you will have to call him with your techniques. Marketing automation solves this problem of an organization because it covers different automation processes including relationship marketing, cross sell and upsell, return on investment measurement, lead generation and many more. All these practices help attract customers and offer them better services. Marketing automation process should be in a proper way that can easily convert your projects to your customers. But it should not be your last effort, to making a long-term relation with customers is beneficial. For better and far relationship you will have to take care of your customers even after sales.

Let’s discuss the amazing software that can make you convenient to apply marketing automation in your organization and assist you streamline and automate your marketing processes.

The Best Marketing Automation Software are here;

Hubspot Marketing Automation

Hubspot’s automation excellent features makes this software one of the best software of marketing automation. This automation software comprises sales software, marketing software and support software, this combination streamlines your business processes so that you can achieve the maximum benefits and revenues. Hubspot enables its users to create the workflow chart as per their needs, it might be a simple or highly advanced. You can customize your customers with their priorities and make automation in the communication so that you will not have to proceed the same repetitive tasks. Hubspot is mainly known for its remarkable services.


Moosend is one the best automation software for communication with customers and clients. The better communication features far better results and experiences. This is a platform where you can automate your email to communicate with customer efficiently. It collects the data from various sector to connect with the clients and then timely contacts with them. With streamline automation feature, Moosend contacts with right customers that are interested to buy your products and services. With the help of customer data, you can suggest them your products and can grow sale. It is not only for selling the products but also for taking reviews after the sale. Customer feedback is the most important to read the understanding of your customers.   


This software combines the features of CRM, marketing automation and email marketing. ActiveCampaign is mainly known for its deliver facilities because they deliver the products and service in a proper time and to proper person. This software empowers the marketing processes of the organization and enhance the sale and revenue of that particular organization. With advanced tools, this software can solve the highly complexity and manage the technical problems. ActiveCampaign supports more than 500 automations that can offer almost every type of automation feature.


MailChimp is considered one solution to all the problems and that makes it one of the best marketing automation platforms. It collabs organization’s various processes and enables it to bloom incredibly. MailChimp makes it simple to connect with customers via emails and it is easy to send emails to a number of customers at once and get their replies on automation mode. This software customizes the customer as per their needs and send them offers. MailChimp offers some advanced features too, like postcards, landing pages, reports and analytics. MailChimp is providing its services all around the world to millions of customers.


iPresso is an automation platform that combines different significant processes including analytics, email automation, personalization, sales marketing and many more. This software provides the best communications services so that you can get more sale leads and can convert them into real sales. After sales, they focus on customer services because taking feedback is more important. It will help in customer satisfaction. iPresso makes marketing automation process very easy and you can apply this automation in each type of activities at any time and any place. iPresso serves each type of organizations like from a small industry to a big brand firm.                                 


WebEngage is a marketing automation tool that is doing incredibly automation in organizations and driving traffic to sales. This software provides outstanding services that meet the expectations of customers and bound them with the organization. It automates the marketing activities that save time and grow the efficiency ratio. Its versatile dashboard features drag-and-drop workflow chart to perform cross channel campaigns. WebEngage reads the immense data to understand the behavior of customers and then customize itself to refrain from repetition. To achieve the targets, WebEngage uses campaign insights and takes steps to rise the ROI.


Bitrix is another seamless software that can be the solution to many obstacles. Bitrix provides better automation features with CRM facility. It means this software not only performs for marketing automation but also establishes the better relations with the customers. Bitrix automates all types of functions that a organization do and reduce the repetitive tasks of daily routine. It maximizes the productivity and reduce the cost that occurs due to repetition of time absorbing works. For exceptional communication with customer, it uses email automation that timely contacts with customized customers and provides them all the required information. Bitrix24 integrates with Google analytics that helps in proper analyses of data.


Omnisend is a marketing automation software that offers various features for automate the marketing strategies. This software empowers the system to automate organization workflow and to achieve the desired target. Other than marketing automation, this software features multi vital specialty such as email automation, messages and Facebook notifications and many more. Omnisend is known for its outstanding visual templates that can create emails, popups, landing pages and many more forms. Omnisend deals in four plans in which three are paid plans and one is a free plan for a small-scale enterprises.


Klaviyo offers such services that can retain your customers for long period and make them your good customers. When you connect with a new customer then the better communication and services can bind him with you for long time. Klaviyo does the same task for companies by providing excellent services to your customers. This software collects all the required data related to customers and then use them to customize them so that they can provide the necessary product to a particular person. It offers many features including Shopify, BigCommerce, Commerce Cloud, Magento and many more.


Bloomreach is another outstanding marketing automation platform that is providing its services around the world. Blooreach has served more than 1000 global brands such as Bosh, Puma, Marks  & Spencer and many more. This software works in a way that delivers the best services to customer and make them personalized with automation. It automates all the processes that may be related to sales, finance, workflows etc. Bloomreach collects the data from various sector and uses them to gain more profit and revenue.

We have tried our best to find out the top software for Marketing Automation purpose. We will keep you updated time to time for more about software.

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