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What is IT Automation and the Advantages of IT Automation

IT Automation
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Automation means repetition of tasks without manual support. IT Automation is the process of IT technology that creates such systems and software that replace repetitive tasks and reduce manual intervention. This process increases the speed of doing tasks and reduce the repetition of manual work. IT automation helps organizations to set up software in a way so that they can observe the manual tasks and then set an automation process. This automation would save the precious time and money both and you will be able to use them in other project and process.

This process introduces a greater efficiency and leads the organization to upper level. IT automation mainly covers data centers, cloud deployments, service desk and development. Automation focuses on creating an environment where manual tasks are minimum and automatic deployments are maximum. The need of IT automation was felt with increasing operations in a company and the complexity of managing those tasks. IT automation collabs between different sectors boosts the speed of services. IT Automations includes various features but some of these are here

  • Cloud Automation
  • Resource Provisioning
  • Network Management
  • Configuration
  • Security Automation

Now-a-day, some IT automation software works on artificial intelligence and machine learning so that the procedure of work-completion can be smarter and effective with the use of these technologies, observation of routine work and prediction of actions can be determined easily.

Advantages of IT Automation

Automation in IT sector is a key factor in current time because there are a lot of processes in IT sector and if we set a team to organize the tasks then we will find that a never-ending tasks. There are many significant facts that show the importance of IT sector. Let’s discuss the advantages of Automation In IT sector.

Better Speed

 If we complete a task manually, it requires a particular time. But if we do the same task on automation mode by technical support then wee will find that automation is remarkably takes lesser time than manual process. Introduction of technologies into business sector was expected provide faster services and IT automation fulfills those expectations. It has reduced the time of doing works and performing tasks. The pace is the face of service providers that means the operators, who are doing fast than others, are making goodwill or their own name.


Automation performs more efficiently than manual processes because in automation, we have to set up the feeds once and in manual procedure we have to repeat the same process again and again that may create deficiencies in performance. IT automation enhances the productivity of the organization and helps in growing revenue. With the help of automation, employees of the organization don’t need to waste their efforts in repetitive tasks and they work with more potential. By saving their time, they can learn some skill-based work and make benefits to the organization.


Human can make mistakes but machine does not do that, it is well said. When we perform same tasks there may be some error but if we put the proper the command in machine then there will be little chances of error. Automation helps in reducing the errors in processes and hikes the rate of accuracy. Automation is far better than manual in the respect of tracking the error. It is easy to find the mistakes and improve them at hand in technical field but in manual procedure it is hard nut to crack.

Advanced Tools

If an IT company suffers a break-down or any other critical conditions then the company has to call the manual service operators to fix the matter and to run the system again. IT automation offers various advanced tools that keep their eye on each procedure effectively and find out the root cause of run down. Sometimes these tools alert the organization before the damages done. These tools reduce the chances of such failures and boosts the system to thrive.

Handle Complexity

While making automation, it is considered that which tasks should be performed manually or which task are performed automatically. The tasks that carry much complexity and need a long procedure with multi-steps should be prioritized for automation. The handy tools remarkably perform these tasks with less chances of errors. If we offer these complex tasks to employees to be done manually then without proper skill and knowledge, they can embarrass you.

Reduce Frequency

If a company work in an environment where the frequency of doing work is high then it is required to apply the automation in that fie. In automation you don’t have to complete the same boring tasks again and again. Automation understands the behavior of each task and perform those tasks itself. It saves time and the efforts of company’s employees.

Proper Monitoring

With all these important advanced of automation, proper monitoring is also key factor. Monitoring can be performed automatically by proper IT automation. It keeps the eyes on every activity of business operations and whenever it finds any fault it reports to the concerned authority.

Data Store

To collect the data and to keep them in a well-mannered way is a hard nut to crack and tedious work. If we make liable the employees to keep and store the data then it would be time consuming task for them and they can’t handle the task effectively in comparison to automation process. IT automation sets up a proper system that gets the data from concerning department and collect them effectively. It creates the performance report of these data and place it before the authority whenever it requires.


To store the data forever, it is very essential to keep automated backup process. If you forget to back up your data then it might cost you very pricey. Therefore, there must be an automation process for back up without any manual assistance. The backup system offers you to back up your data timely like in one hour, one day or one week as per the need of hour.

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