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Best Business Process Management Software in 2022

Best Business Process Management Software
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All those techniques or method that are designed and used to manage organizations work process or business process, are called collectively ‘BPM’. In this theory, BPM covers discovery, analysis of data and plans measurement, improvements and many more. This process might be different from one organization to other ones.

Introduction to Business Process Management

BPM is a way to keep the discipline in organizations because the owner or head of that organizations keeps their eyes on the activities of company and check them and analyses them to find whether they are company oriented or not. With the help of this analysis, company finds any drawbacks, they work to improve them and take more efficiency to organizations.

BPM is about to check whether they are doing the same work or flowing the same guidelines that were designed to achieve company’s target. If a company properly focuses on its business processes, then that company may save its time and extra expenses, that will turn into profit.

Characteristics of BPM

BPM is eternal – BPM is not a one-time task. It is an eternal process that will be exist as long as the company do.

BPM is universal – BPM should be used in each type of organizations what matters it is a small or large organization.

BPM is not a technology – There is no fixed method or technology to manage company’s business process. It depends on the company to company that how they use it.

Best Business Process Management Software in 2022 is considered one of the best BPM software that helps you automate your different business manage your daily routine work. You can control your task and guide whole task through single dashboard. The Multiview of monitoring makes this software outstanding that includes timeline view, calendar view and mop view, etc. features an easy-to-use interface that can be used easily. This dashboard offers a lot of well-designed templates that give you an incredible experience. It is simple to communicate with your teammates through this software’s video conference features. If we talk about its user plans then we find four splendid paid plans that are as follows;

Its basic plan starts at $ 8 per seat per month

Its standard plan starts at $ 10 per seat per month

Its pro plan starts at $ 16 per seat per month

Its enterprise plan charges at quote basis. There is a free plan that provides free trail for 14 days.


Appian claims to be the best BPM software for data analysis and tracking market demands. This software assists you in designing your program, execution your team plans, optimization of your work process and automation of company’s work chart. Appian also renders its services to compile the data from different departments and from previous system and analyses them in a proper way to get proper results. Appian allows its user to access their code on any platforms like Mac, Pc, iOS, Android etc. Appian also provides a trial plan to its users. Other its trail plan, there are 3 more premium plans that are available in affordable prices. These plans are as follows;

Standard Plan – it starts from $60 per user per month

Flat Fee Plan – it charges as per custom quote

Enterprise Plan – it also charges as per custom quote


This software is mainly popular for team collaboration because it supports organization’s entire working teams and take them to a single platform. Kissflow is an outstanding BPM software that makes clear to everyone how company will proceed their tasks so that the repetition of work can be minimized. Unlike other software, Kissflow also perform the major tasks to manage business processes that includes optimization of workflow, tracking business activities, collection and analysis of data, creation of significant working applications. Kissflow features an amazing dashboard that renders incredible features without knowing any hard and fast rules. This dashboard assists to create visualization of your work process that might give a different experience to its users. Kiss flow also offers a free plan up to to hours. Other than its free plan there are 3 more paid plans that are, Starter, Pro and Enterprise. They charge $390, $690 and $1500 per month respectively.


Nintex is another famous software that is known for its visualization. The BPM software manages organization’s different task through visualization that makes easy to comprehend for all the members. Nintex creates all the planning for companies that helps to make an outstanding process management. To manage the business process, this BPM software provides automation feature in work flow and robotic processes that makes many organizations business easy to operate. They offer an easy to operate dashboard that makes all the tasks at one place and enables you to handle those tasks without much efforts. There are two famous paid plans of Nintex and that are Standard and Enterprise. They charge $950, $1350 per month respectively.

Process Maker

It is also a low code software that is known the best for mid-size to large size business. Its drag-and-drop feature turns your task to easy level and give right path sot that the management of business process can be easy. Process Maker also features workflow automation that enables you not to repeat the work and remove the obstacles from your workflow. It also offers email-automation where you don’t need to focus on every mails. It automatically replies the mails and set their priority. Process Maker’s dashboard works with Service Level Assignment (SLA) so that you can directly operate your organization different tasks. Process Maker charges at different rates, in its standard plan they charge $1495 per month, in Enterprise $2479 per month and in Custom, they charge at quote based.


Creatio is another outstanding BPM software that is known for its low code features. It boosts the business automation process with the help of its no-code tool and also execute the process planning in a perfect way. Creatio prepares a list to perform all the tasks and timely checks its completion. Its user-friendly dashboard features various vital templates that enables processing management easy. Creatio creates collaboration among organization different tasks. Creatio is mainly designed for medium to large size business. This software completes all the requirements of such large organizations. Creatio also offers its 14-day trial and charges for its premium account that starts at $25 per month.


One of the rare software that are designed for small to large, each type of organizations. Pipefy is known for its flawless automation that makes company’s business process seamless and set the tasks properly without being repetitive. If a company sets its business processes well then, that company can save its cost and time. Pipefy’s user friendly dashboard keeps its eyes on the activities of company through Kanban view and creates collaboration among organization’s activities. Pipefy offers numerous amazing templates with the facility of making your own templates. All these qualities make Pipefy one of the best software of BPM for any type of business for small company that how maximum 10 users, Pipefy provides free services, other than its free plan, there are 3 paid plans and they are – Professional, Business and Enterprise. They charge at $9, $18 and quote based respectively.


Asana is another splendid BPM Software that makes management of business process convenient for their owners. Asana enables to work according to company’s strategies and performances to achieve desired results. Asana collabs organization’s different business processes and control them from a single place. Asana is known for handling team projects, streamline tasks, productive results. Asana can work on various different platforms such as Mac, Window, Android and iPhone etc. Asana’s features many training sessions through online live classes, webinars, videos and personally also. Asana offers a lot features including access permission, budget management, assignment management, audit trail, bug tracking and many more. Asana charges in different prices that are as follows, Premium – $13.49 per month per user, Business – $30.49 per month, Enterprise – quote based.


Bizagi is one of those BPM software that are providing services for small to large business. Bizagi features its 3 products for processing management in the form of Bizagi modeler, Bizagi studio and Bizagi Automotive. Bizagi modeler product is mainly used for small processing industries that don’t need to expend too much. It covers multifeatures like case management, workflow automation, process modeling. Bizagi supports various platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android etc. Bizagi claims to provides the best collaboration features that improve company’s services and processing’s. Bizagi offers its free trail for personal use by a single user and charges in three different prices like Professional, Workgroup and Enterprise. They charge $ 8, $16 and quote based respectively.


Confluence is known for its effective business processing management skills. This software collects the data from different sources and collabs to manage them. It makes its user convenient while using it. Its deployment of planning, optimization of strategies and effective work flow automation stands it better BPM software. Confluence is popular among each size of companies. It features a dashing dashboard that is user friendly and you don’t need to know much technical knowledge. Confluence features multi programs including contact management, customizable templates, assignment management and many more. Confluence charges in different way, Standard, Premium at the rate of $5.5 and $10.5 respectively.

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