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Top 10 Features In iOS 15

Top 10 features in iOS 15
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Top 10 Features In iOS 15 –

As always iOS brings outstanding new features that could mesmerize you a lot. These new advancements of iOS will help you stay connected with your loved ones and focused. iPhone with iOS 15 completes all the drawbacks of iOS 14 version. Various significant changes are made in iOS 15 so that you can experience new and amazing features. Let’s have a look on amazing features in iOS 15

The Best Features in iOS 15

FaceTime – Amazing feature in iOS 15

FaceTime is Apple’s key feature that lets its users connect with one another via video or audio chatting modes. We can say that it is a meeting platform of Apple. In iOS 15, this FaceTime is getting popular because it is now possible that an iPhone user can invite an android or windows user on FaceTime by a sending a link. This feature will be helpful for such users whose friends or familiar don’t have iPhone and want to get connected with them. You can also create the invitation link during a FaceTime call. When someone gets the link, he can enter the FaceTime call after getting approval of sender.

Customize Notifications

Although you get notifications as per the number of apps you have downloaded and the permissions you have granted to various websites or platforms, we get a great number of notifications after such precautions. To get rid of these unwanted or less important notifications, iOS 15 brings a new feature and as per that feature you can fix a time of getting those notifications that are not on your priority. You can get them either in the morning or in the evening as per your comfort. This new feature make you more focused on your work and make you more productive.

Tab Groups in Safari – Improved Feature in iOS 15

This is another amazing feature of iOS 15 and this is the talk of the town. Safari in iOS 15 is in a new design that will attract everyone. Except its design, tab group is its latest outstanding and helpful feature. As per tab groups, you can store all open tabs in a folder and later as per your need, you can open it again. This way helps you save your data and provides you whenever it is required. Tab Groups are synced across your all iOS devices such as iPad, mac, so you can get your tab groups at any of these devices.

Live Text Feature

This is another outstanding feature in iOS 15 that makes iPhone users go through the text written on photos. We come across a lot of pictures in a day and sometimes there are text message embossed on such pictures, with the help of live text feature we can read, copy and translate such text. It means when we see some words or letters on a photo and we want to get more details about such words then we can select them by pressing on those words for a few seconds and copy-paste to search bar. This helps in such cases where message written on picture need to get copied.


To keep the users focused, iOS 15 brings highly advanced feature named as “Focus”. It permits you to set your iPhone under your full control so that you can get what you want without any other unwanted things. This feature helps you have completely focus on each activity like in personal space, gaming, fitness, job, yoga, reading and driving etc. You will get from your iPhone as per your activity time. iOS 15 allows you to set your profile and schedule so that it can create your own activity schedule. You won’t get any superfluous message or notifications.


To remove the current obstacles of google map and other mapping apps, iOS 15 tried its best to provide amazing mapping experience with 3D graphical view on its Map. It will give you natural experience of your surroundings like mountains, deserts, forests and many more. iOS 15 map creates outstanding views of cities and villages with better graphical views like streets, roads, buildings, landmarks and many more. It will amuse you in driving by letting you advanced traffic and route features. This time iPhone users can search their destination by particular choices like you can search the best restaurants according to your favorite cuisine.

Better Health Features

iOS 15 has introduced some advanced and new features in its Health section. This health app will keep you update and in its touch by notifying you whenever it finds any changes in your health and body. It also presents your whole-body system in a way so that you can check your physical health at a glance. It tracks your heart rate, oxygen level and whenever they are out of order, it informs you through a pop-up notification. Addition to such specifications, this app also let you share your medical records to another person. With this sharing option, you can take the advantage of this feature by sending your reports to your doctor, dietician or any other person.

Find My

Suppose you have lost or forgot your device at any place, then this amazing feature of iOS 15 in iPhones will help you to get your devices back. You can find you device even when it is powered off by someone. Except it, you can also find your attached accessories like AirTag, Airpods and other types third party tools. Whenever you forgot these tools or left them behind you, iPhone’s Find My feature will instantly alert you. This significant specification also lets you get your device back even after it is erased. This assures you for higher security about your precious data and devices.

Cross-app drag Feature

You will be amazed after knowing this miraculous feature of iOS 15. This feature helps you take pictures, links, texts, files from one place to other place at your finger tip, it means you can transfer all these items by dragging them with your finger. How so easy and convenient everything will be! Suppose you get a photo on WhatsApp and you want to share it from another app, then you have to long press on such photo and drag it from WhatsApp to the other app and leave that photo here. With the help of this feature, you can drag more than one item from one place to another.

Advanced Siri – Advance Feature in iOS 15

Siri is an integral part of iPhones that is used to assist on command basis. In iOS 15, Siri comes with higher speech recognition feature. Siri learns user’s behavior as well as he uses his device. It updates itself timely and learns the behavior that is conducted with new contacts. All the new words that you write or speak on your device are stored to make Siri update. With new and advanced features, Siri is now able to process several offline tasks such as Share, Alert & Alarm, Phone, Message and many more significant daily routine operations.

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