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What Is Email Marketing

Email Marketing and types of Email Marketing
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Email is the oldest form of digital communication platforms but it still secures its rank on the largest number of users for marketing services. Although there are various modes of online marketing that are more popular than email but email is the supreme choice for doing marketing. Email marketing is considered the most effective tool leaving behind other forms. It is said that this is the most profitable marketing channel because it generates ROI of around $40 for every $1. This is also the reason that everyone who is new to market likes to adopt email marketing as his communication medium.

Email Marketing

In a business, you have to communicate with your clients and customers using various ways of communication. If you choose Email, then you have to send mails to your clients and customers and also have to receive mails from them. Now a day, Emails are not only for communication but also for marketing strategies. You can create your brand, boost your sales, build relationships and increase your goodwill. For a proper email marketing strategy, you firstly need to create a list of your customers. After it, you have to timely update him about your sales, discount offers, availability of newer products and other type of valuable services.

The Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Convert Your Sales

Email Marketing is just not for promotion; it also plays a major role in boosting your company’s sale. It turns your probable customers to real buyers. With the help of personalization, you can create a list of your top priority customers and then provide them special offers. This personalization will definitely increase the number of your sale.

Increase Brand Awareness

This is one of the best ways to increase your brand value among your customers. In Email marketing, you come to your customers in direct touch so you can communicate with them at the best level. If you sent your customers mails on proper time then they will be connected with you and know about your sales, offers. Email marketing is more potential comparing to other social media platforms because it assures that you will directly connect your customer in his inbox.

Increase Customer Relationship

By providing your customers special offers and products details, you can build your relationship with them. Once you create a fine tune with them and get the loyalty of their, there will be higher chance to drive sales. In a study, it is found that the existing customer are assets for companies, because they buy more than new customers. So it is most important to keep happy and healthy relation with them.

Far Reach

Email has wide range of reach for customers. You can contact every type of customer from any place of world. Age, gender, locality, choices and etc. facts don’t matter for email marketing campaign. Email is used by each type of people; he might be young or aged. In every corner of world, emails are used for communication. So, we can say that the accessibility of email is wide and it helps in boosting sale.


Email marketing is the most cost-effective tool. Because all the tools in this way of communication, are of normal pricing that can every type of business doers can easily afford.

Types of Email Marketing

When you think that you will use email marketing campaign in your business, then you must plan it very broadly. It should make a proper strategy to implement the email marketing in your business. There are various types of email marketing campaigns but you should choose the ones that suit your business profile. By picking the best types of email you can take your business to another level. We are pointing out some of the best types of email campaigns that will definitely help you nurture your marketing strategies and will leave an outstanding impact on your customer.

Welcome Emails

Its traditional culture to say Hi or Hello as a welcome note, when you get someone as a greeting note. If you get new subscribers or customers who want to either purchase or know about your products then you should welcome them. You can welcome them by sending them an email that will introduce you and your company to them. This process will let you know them all valuable things about your products and services that you provide. You can also know about them by this greeting email campaign as what are their choice and priority regarding your products and services.

Content Announcement Emails

Whenever your company launches a new product or service then you can announce it via emails to your customers and subscribers. Except products and services, you can notify them about new discounts, coupons, webinars and other customer-oriented offers. In these emails, you can add a link that will take your followers to the page that will describe all the details to them. With the help of this type of mails, you will not have to be panic about other promotional activities. Your existing customers will easily know the new offers and it will help you directly.

Invitation Emails

Suppose you are going to host a seminar, webinar or other type of exciting event but your customers and subscribers don’t know about that, then what will be the benefit of having that event. You can solve this puzzle by sending them invitation emails. You must add all the necessary hints to the mails that can notify your customer properly and they can get the message the same way that you can to express like the venue and timing details should be in proper way.

Update Emails

Each and every company introduce new updates to their existing products and services. To keep your subscribers and customers update, you can create a new campaign regarding these types of updates. Your email must contain all the required information about the products and services. You should also focus on the quality of your message in the mails. Your message should be relevant and straightforward. If you keep your customer updated, then they will know the new features of your products and they can contact you to buy them that will increase your sales.

 Dedicated Emails

In this type of email campaign, you firstly customize your customer as per their needs and then send them email regarding their requirements. For example, if a group of people purchased an item named as A and you have some significant information about that product. Then you can use your dedicated email feature and classify them by creating a group of those people. To inform such people, you can send the mail to that particular group. It will save your time and enhance your efficiency.

Seasonal Campaigns

This type of email marketing campaign is suitable for those business entities that are providing seasonal products or services like festival season, weather season and vacation season etc. You have to create mails in a way that can present that season in your message. You can add the offer details in your mails so that your customer gets affected with those offers and come to you to buy your products without any delay.

Re-engagement Campaign

As per a study, it is found that after a particular time the number of your active subscriber gets lapsed that means some of your subscribers get inactive. That time, there is a requirement of re-engagement and you must use such smart techniques that can bring them back. You can ask them for feedback about your products and services and tell them new offers about your company. It will definitely grab their minds and you will be able to wake up them.

Post Purchase Emails

Normally the seller doesn’t contact his customers after selling the products and services but if you take feedback your products after sale that will blow your customers mind and definitely leave an outstanding impression on them. By sending them post purchase email, you will not only get your products review and feedback but also boost your brand value. It is one the best email marketing campaign tricks and it should be in your priority.

Thank You Emails

Whenever a customer or lead fill a form on your landing page then it should automatically get an email after their submission. This type of email is normally known as Thank You Email. This email keep you awake to fulfill your promises that you have made to your subscribers.            

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