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What Is Field Service Management (FSM)

Field Service Management
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It refers to a system that manages all the tasks and operations related to field services. Field Service covers all the operations and activities that occur outside the company and Field Service Management creates co-ordination in company’s resources like human resources and material equipment. The company has to deliver services outside to install, repair and maintain the tools and machines that they have provided to the other party. To manage all the operations of field service, companies have to create a vast strategy, in which they keep their eyes on each activity. First of all, they manage their team and decide who will lead this operation to fix the problem of their client and also decide the timings of that particular task. Except it, they manage their resources that what number of tools and material is required. The companies have to timely contact to their customer to know customer’s satisfaction level.

Overall, we can say that field service management is all about off company activities. These activities include scheduling orders, dispatching services, tracking those orders and completion of tasks. We can say that Field Service Management is a key way to customer satisfaction. With effective management strategy, we can get a lot that we can’t imagine without FSM.

Let’s See Some Advantages of Field Service Management.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the service cost
  • Save the time
  • Empowerment of Technicians
  • Increase goodwill of company

In traditional way, field service management was too complex due to lack of technology and tools. As we know, service management covers wide range of variables. In manual process, a lot of amounts of money and time was required in monitoring and controlling of field service. Except these flaws, in manual management there were a lot of chances of discrepancies such as miscommunications and delay in completion of project. Because of all these facts, the need of change occurred and with the evolution of technology, the way of doing management changed and various handy software took the place of manual field service management.

Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software is a complete solution to all the problems that used to arise in traditional ways. These software handle all the activities and operations of field service like, taking orders, assignments, dispatching the orders, tracking orders and many more. All tasks are performed at one portal with minimum flaws. There are various software that take care of your field service procedures.

The Best Field Service Management Software In 2022


To get outstanding field service management procedures, every company should try Salesforce field service software. Its seamless work schedule and optimization make it top choice for the best FSM software. It primarily features billing & invoicing, inventory management, dispatch management, work order management and many more key services.   This is available on multi platforms like android, iOS and provides storage on cloud, SaaS and web-based storage. Salesforce starts charging from $25 per month from per user. The Salesforce team offers various training session through vivid modes like in-person, live online, webinars and etc.


This is also one of the best field service providing platforms. It boasts to have the best service that can easily handle your field projects so that you can plan, assign, track and execute each work process. With the help of OntheGo, you can schedule and track you post office activities to maintain your field service. You can deploy this software on your android, iOS phones and also on Cloud, SaaS and web-based platforms. They provide this software for 30 days trial and other than it, they start charging from $5 per month for per feature. They also offer live and webinar training session and some sessions are available in documentation form.


This software provides multi tasks from single platform. It is primarily known for saving time that can be spent on shifting. To reduce the time and cost, this software creates all the online schedules. It also features employees’ timing statistics, time management tools, shift swapping and many more. Shifton starts charging from just $0.50 per month from per user with a free trial offer. Android and iOS users can use this tool. This platform offers training session through live online, documentation and videos. They also feature automated scheduling, availability management, dispatch management, employee management, labor forecasting and many more.


This is splendid field service platform from ServiceMax. It provides all over the world its seamless services. This is also a cloud-based platform that streamlines the storage. It mainly provides some amazing features like inventory control, work order management, work scheduling, job scheduling, service history tracking, routing, contract management and etc. It is available for Android, iOS and windows users. ServiceMax has provided its service more than 400 companies including all types of organizations.


To get end-to-end field service management this platform will be your right choice. To make this software the best platform, FieldAware provides many significant features like scheduling the tasks, dispatching the order, invoices the billing and management of company’s assets. There are some additional features also and they are as follows; business intelligence, mobile applications, customer portal and barcode scanner. This is also available for Android and iOS users and for desktop it is for Windows and Mac users. This company renders its services to Startups, SMEs and Enterprises.


IFS is also a leading company that has been providing its services for a long period. If you want to streamline your all field service-related work procedures then you can go for this platform. There are some vital features for this software is known and they are as follow; inventory control, Routing, billing & invoicing, tracking the orders, dispatch management, job management, technician management and contract management etc. This is available for Mac and Windows users only. This software mainly supports English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Swedish languages. It also provides its 24*7 services across the world.

Service Titan

Service Titan is another outstanding platform that is famous for its best field services. If you want to streamline your field service operations, you must go for this software. This platform boasts to be one of the leading platforms and used by over 100,000 users. Its user convenient dashboard makes it easy for every type of users, so that anyone can easily go through this software and use it to handle the field services. It also features work scheduling, dispatching, invoicing bills, tracking the orders, controlling over inventory and etc.  

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