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Zoho People: Best HR Management Software

Zoho people
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Zoho is a leading multinational technology company that is dealing with the best web-based business tools and software. This company renders various services for managing businesses and organizations. There are numerous popular software that are introduced to solve different business-related problems. Zoho CRM streamlines the relations with your customers so that you can build a healthy relationship with them. Zoho People is one of the best HR management tools that assist a company to handle its human resources. In this article, we will present an insightful review of Zoho People.

What is Zoho People

Zoho People is an online platform that can handle and manage a company’s all human resources from a centralized location. Zoho People provides its services through a cloud-based module, it stores all the data of the company’s human resources in a single place. Zoho People mainly manages the company’s staff so that they can perform their duties in a good manner.

To manage staff properly it is most important to fix their responsibilities, leaves, attendance, timings, and many more significant factors. A company can easily customize the leaves of its employees. Zoho People automates the process of counting leaves and their payrolls.

Human resource is the key and most significant asset for any company. If you can manage this asset, you can run your business incredibly. Zoho assists to automate all the routine tasks related to the employees. This way you can save valuable time and money, and it increases the productivity of your employees.

Zoho People is suitable for every type of company, it might be a new or old company. Zoho People is necessary to take care of your organization’s staff. You can employ this software in a small, medium, or large-scale company, this software manages all types of businesses. Zoho People Plus is an advanced version of this tool to provider better HR services

Let’s see the key features of Zoho People

Recruitment Management

A company timely recruits employees to manage its human resources, this software seamlessly performs this task. Zoho People proceeds with all the necessary and required steps to complete recruitment. It takes the data from various departments and then fills the vacancies according to such numbers. This way, a company never lacks employees and staff and never gets affected due to a lack of workers.

Payroll Management

This is another important task for a company because salary and payment are the most needed things for workers. There is a need for perfect software that can effectively handle the payrolls of a company. Different employees get different payments according to their ability. It is a significant aspect to decide the amount of salary.  It decides the amount of salary and transfers the money to their account automatically.

Timing Management

Zoho People fixes the work schedule of their employees and tracks whether they are working according to their work chart or not? This software tracks every moment of the workers, it calculates their payments according to their work performance. This helps in maintaining employees and it decreases the wastage of quality time.

Project Management

Zoho software perfectly manages all the task and works process of a project. It decides the duty of every single employee. This way, every employee becomes responsible for his duty. Zoho plays a vital role in project management too.

Shift Management

This type of management is required in an organization where work is performed in various shifts. In such conditions, it becomes too critical to manage the timings of their employees. Zoho People automatically fixes employees’ shifts and directs them to proceed with their tasks. This software handles and fixes the shift of employees so that they easily know when and where they have to work.

Training Management

Whenever a new employee is recruited or an existing employee gets transferred to another department, there is a need for training for such employee. Zoho People software examines the work processes of those employees and manages their training. Training should be compulsory for more technical work because sometimes a new employee does not fit into such a work environment.

Performance Management

Zoho People deeply checks the performance of every employee and directs the employee if there is a need. This way, the performance of every employee gets affected and they perform more productive. Every employee is treated according to his performance.

Leave Management

In a company, leave management is one of the most concerning issues. If many employees take leave at a single time, then there might be a disaster in that company. For such reasons, it is necessary to manage employees’ leaves. In this process, an HR manager manages the timings of their employees and adjusts an employee on a vacant post.

Dashing Dashboard

Zoho People features a dashboard that can be used easily and there is no need for higher technical knowledge to operate on it. This dashboard centralizes all the data from different departments and manages all departments from a centralized place.

User Access Control

Zoho People define the roles of every employee in the company and assign the tasks to such employee so that he knows what to do or what not to do. This software also fixes the limitations of each employee. Zoho controls every employee to get the desired targets.

Zoho People Pricing

Zoho People renders its services for free for 15 days trial, you do not need to add any credit card details for this trial. This free version is available for 5 employees (maximum). There are four more paid plans are featured by Zoho People. Let’s have a bird’s-eye view of such plans –

Essential HR

This is the basic paid plan of Zoho People, you have to expend $0.83 per employee per month if you are billed annually. You get some basic services in this plan like basic HRIS with self-service login for employees. This essential plan also features leave management and employee onboarding.


You have to pay $1.66 per employee per month when you get billed annually. In this plan, you get all the services that you get in the Essential HR plan and timesheets & shift scheduling features too.


In its Premium plan, you are to expend $2.5 per employee per month and you have to get billed yearly basis. This feature includes the Professional Plan and some more advanced features like Zoho Analytics integration and Performance Management.


This is the most expensive plan of Zoho People because it has some high-quality specifications. You get all the features of the Premium Plan and employee query management too.

Every plan has its own specifications, now it completely depends on an organization and its requirements. You can take a subscription according to your needs. You are to decide which plan is better for your organization.

Pros and Cons of Zoho People


  • Zoho People is a complete solution to all the HR management problems.
  • Various Pre-Configured resources are available on this tool.
  • Zoho People integrates with other Zoho products and enhances the productivity of your organization.
  • Advanced Employee Management and Task Tracking features
  • Keep a daily routine record of each employee


  • There is a need for improvement in its mobile version.
  • Sometimes there are issues in showing balance leaves.
  • It creates obstacles to configuring the timesheets to match the payroll cycle.
  • Sometimes it takes too long to contact you.
  • Customer Support is not so great, there is a requirement for improvements.

Substitutes to Zoho People

Zoho People is not the only HR solution platform, numerous software companies are providing such services. Each software varies in its specifications, it might be different in work performance, pricing, features, customer care, and many more aspects.

Let’s see those alternatives that can be used in place of Zoho People


Grove HR











In this article, we have tried our best to provide all the necessary details related to Zoho People. We hope you get all the required information that might be your query. In this post, we have told you what is Zoho People, how it performs, what are the prices of this software, the advantages and disadvantages of having this tool, and the best alternatives to this software. We will keep you updated whenever we get any updates related to this software. Your comments and reviews are always welcomed by us.  

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