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Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Insightful Review

The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio
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In this article, we are going to discuss Convesio which is considered one of the best-managed WordPress hosting. We will provide an honest review that is prepared after a detailed analysis. You will know all about Convesio and how to set up this WordPress hosting to create your website. We’ll tell you the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting

Whenever you want to create a website, you need to think about the best hosting that can easily manage your website and make it run smoothly. If you do not have appropriate hosting, you might suffer many obstacles while working on the website.

 A perfect hosting handles your website greatly and does not let it run down. When you think of building a website on WordPress, you need to think about hosting too. The WordPress Hosting that you choose significantly plays a vital role in your website’s performance. It enables your website more secure, faster, and better. The better WordPress hosting gives you the more advantages. It is not compulsory to keep a hosting to run your website, but it enhances the qualities that might be required for a better, faster and more secure website. If you are citizen of the UK then here are the best Web hosting for UK business Owners.

What is a Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a type of WordPress hosting that contains some advanced technical components. These technical factors streamline your website so that you can perform incredibly. In a managed WordPress hosting, you find advanced and updated features that ensure greater security and speed and fewer chances of data loss, data theft, and any type of fraud.

This type of WordPress hosting includes some smart features that enable your website less pressurized and boost the timing of reaction. It speeds up searching timings so that anyone does not feel boring while visiting your website. A great number of WordPress hosting are working as managed WordPress hosting, but there are fewer hosting that has all these outstanding features.

Convesio is one of those managed WordPress hostings that have highly advanced features. It lets your website perform seamlessly and minimizes the chances of discrepancies. Let’s see the key advantages of having Convesio as a WordPress hosting for a website.

Advantages of Convesio

Fast Caching

The makers of this hosting have customized this hosting in a manner where all the load that might be carried by a website is handled by custom-built layer. This load balancer makes your website run smoothly and faster so that a user does not face any hurdles while exploring your website.

Great Speed

Convesio is popular for this specific reason as you find this hosting is one of the fastest hostings. Speed is the most required aspect before choosing a hosting for your website. If hosting does not provide the needed speed, then there is no worth in keeping such hosting. This hosting features HTTP/2 assures you of lower site loads and decreases your website timings. All these time-saving techniques enable Convesio our top priority while talking about the best WordPress hosting.

Auto Scaling

Whenever a website gets huge traffic at once, it goes down and does not perform well. To escape this obstacle, there is a need of permanent solution. Convesio provides auto-scaling technology where hosting automatically adjust itself so that you won’t worry about managing extra containers to handle such a great volume of traffic. This way, auto scaling helps website to run smoothly without any interruption.

Incredible Uptime

The server of Convesio never goes down due to extra load because this hosting consists of containers that assists in handling load. Such containers manage website’s all traffic and do not let the website run down. This specification is the reason why this hosting is so popular among users.

MySQL Database

This hosting is maintained by MySQL database server that is a group of various significant databases.


Whenever a website goes down, it is quite important to restore the database of such website. This process needs huge efforts and lots of time. Convesio has the ability that can restore all the database when it is lost due to run down. This hosting always keeps a copy of the database so that in opposite times, you can use the copy.


Three S are vital factors when you are thinking of having a hositng, speed, security and self-restoration. We have talked about speed and self-restoration above. Security has always been the concerning factor while deciding the hosting. Convesio boasts of being the most reliable and secure WordPress Hosting. It excellently monitors all the work procedure of your website and alarms you whenever it finds any threat. This hosting also prevents you from spyware and outsider threats.


Routinely monitoring is also the leading aspect for a good WordPress hosting. In monitoring process, they can adjust according to new codes, setups, and environmental changes. This hosting timely creates monitoring so that whenever it needs modification, you can easily create such changes.


Convesio’s auto backup mode instantly backs up all the data of your website. Backup is one of the most need factors for a hosting, and this hosting fulfils this requirement. You are allowed to adjust the timings of backup as per your need. This auto backup feature assists in more security and reliability. After creating auto backup, you won’t have to bother about the data-loss that might be occurred while a run-down.


Whenever it occurs a threat or any obstacles to your website, Convesio hosting manages all such problems instantly. Various websites have to face run down problems that might be occurred due to unknown reasons so there is a need of solution to such problem. This hosting automatically performs such solutions to your website.

24*7 Care

The owners of this hosting boast for not delaying their customer services. They claim to provide solution to each query, Convesio hires a team of versatile professionals who have in-depth knowledge about it. Whenever you face an obstacle, you just need to contact those service providers, they will instantly give you the right direction. This feature enhances the goodwill of a service provider and creates a trust among its users.

How to Set Up a Website on Convesio Hosting

We are going to tell you the proper guidelines that will help you set up Convesio hosting to your website.

  • First of all, you need to visit the official webpage of “Convesio”. You will find an icon named ‘sign up here’. You are to press such icon to get started for a free trial. You have to just enter your credit card details here.
  • After Sing up, you will be directed to click on “create your first site”.
  • You need to press on “Set advanced options” named icon.
  • You will find various PHP versions here, you are to choose the latest version one. Addition to it, you are to go for the latest version of the host, the database type, the WordPress variant, etc.
  • Press the “Deploy” icon.
  • After clicking “manage icon”, you will be featured 4 options that will be
    • 1st Site Panel
    • 2nd Log in to wp-admin
    • 3rd Browse the site
    • 4th Set the web address and remove the site.

After following these above steps, you are to configure the domain, SSL, and caching. To get these steps done, you are to follow the below guidelines.

  • Press the “Add Domain” icon.
  • Enter the domain name that you have bought
  • Visit the Domain Registrar
  • Choose “Add SSL Certificate” icon
  • Switch on the auto back up feature
  • You can change the PHP version as per your requirements.
  • Set the minimum and maximum details
  • Enable Caching
  • Add a record pointing of your IP Address.

What is Docker Platform

It is quite common that you might face website failure and there are numerous reasons for such problems. Sometimes it happens due to overload on a single server which means when you host your website on the same hosting that is used by lots of users. Docker Platform is the renowned solution to this cloud/container problem.

Docker Platform is a type of container which provides a hosting platform to host various websites on a single container. Convesio takes services from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to contain the load of various websites. Convesio features minimum of 9 containers to contain and boost the performance of the websites. These containers are classified as follows –

  • Out of 9 Containers, 3 are used for Balancing the Load
  • 5 Containers are used for Percona Database
  • 3 File Replication Nodes
  • 1+ PHP Runtime Container

Pricing of Convesio

Convesio is known for both its features and pricing plans. It offers different affordable pricing plans that will definitely attract you to host your website on this platform. We have analyzed its prices for our viewers so that they can take an appropriate decision. You can choose one of the following plans –

Convesio is basically classified in 3 different plans and they are as follows

  • 1 Starter Plan
  • 2 Business Plan
  • 3 Enterprise Plan
  • Starter Plan – In this offer, you get a free subscription to this hosting with a limited edition. You get 5 GB disk space and 512 GB RAM with 50 GB manual scaling bandwidth.
  • Business Plan – This plan offers 3 different sub-plans where you do not have to pay for hosting. You get 10 GB disk space with various RAM power like 2GB, 6GB, and 12 GB respectively. Its dedicated Percona DB is available for $150 for each sub-plan.
  • Enterprise Plan – You have to pay $1000 for Setup, you get different disk space for each sub-plan in this offer and they are 50GB, 75GB, and 100GB disk space respectively.

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