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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Digital Signage for Your Meeting Room

Digital Signage for Meeting Room
Digital Signage for Meeting Room

Meeting room signage is an essential asset in any office setting. When integrated with booking software, digital signage enables employers and visitors to have an easier time navigating the workplace. Actually, case studies show that many industries increased post-pandemic productivity levels through digital signage. Digital signage helped boost efficiency and overall organization.

Here is a look at some top five benefits of using meeting room digital signage.

Provides Real-Time Information

As opposed to manual check-in and booking solutions in meeting rooms, digital signage promotes automatic updates to changes in conference room schedules. Therefore, if a person no longer requires a hot desk, the changes reflect in the system, facilitating a better room booking system.

Also, if someone violates the workspace rules, like leaving the meeting without updating the software, the room becomes available through a unique feature like “abandoned meeting protection.”

Additionally, conference room signs allow you to alert the management in case of unexpected situations. For example, if there is a broken speakerphone or projector, this can significantly affect productivity. Fortunately, digital signage saves you the need to track department managers or send correspondence to report the issue. As a result, alarming concerns get resolved quickly and efficiently.

Provides Quick Visibility

COVID-19 has significantly changed office operations. For example, the trend of roaming around the office floor to look for the appropriate meeting setup is strongly discouraged. An integrated digital sign and booking software facilitates room display, making it easier to identify available rooms. Consequently, this helps you choose the best space for your needs through a mobile app, office screen, or slack channel.

Furthermore, the signage comes with easy customization options. For example, you can opt for red, yellow, or green digital meeting room signs to indicate a room’s status. Moreover, you can choose large texts, insert your company logo, and make other additions to make the signage more appealing.

The informative data supported by digital software and signage integration is advantageous for facility managers. This analytics information helps them understand how people are using rooms. In the end, the data allows them to make more informed decisions for their employees and companies.

Facilitates Connections With Remote Workers

Another crucial benefit of digital signage is that it allows you to connect with remote workers through WebEx integration and Zoom. In fact, according to one study, Zoom had a value of $16bn in 2019. However, this growth increased significantly because of the social distancing rules. The daily active user base rose by 67 percent, and as of 2020, the company’s value increased to $42bn.

Currently, many industries conduct meetings remotely. Thanks to digital signage, workers can remotely review an interactive map such as a visual directory. This map helps remote workers with wayfinding. They can navigate unfamiliar environments, quickly identify room availability, and book a quiet place to work.

Additionally, because of CDC’s guidelines for social distancing, many workplace leaders have reconfigured their workplaces. The displays help show the capacity limits for conference rooms. As a result, this streamlines meeting room booking.

Promotes Touchless Booking

After identifying the right spot for your target group, a digital signage system saves you the hassle of leaving your desk to book a meeting room. You have the advantage of booking your meeting from the mobile app. With touch screen android or iPad devices, you can adjust crucial meeting information. This eliminates foot traffic and helps prevent the spread of germs in this post-pandemic era.

Moreover, you can make changes and add things through the digital signage software. Also, you can link the digital template in the conference room to your event management system. Consequently, whenever you make changes to the event system, it reflects on the digital signage system. This helps you avoid paper waste resulting from changing and posting signs daily.

Accommodates Canceled and Last-Minute Bookings

Desk booking and room booking software can work with applications like Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and Slack, and also with a mobile app. Therefore, employees can cancel or book desks and meeting rooms while on the move. This is a significant benefit for agile working situations.

Apart from meeting room scheduling on the fly, digital signage allows you to share important announcements that may not reach your employees’ inboxes. For example, you can alert employees to bad weather conditions, postponement of meetings, or upcoming events.

Get Digital Signage for Your Meeting Room Today!

Many businesses have adopted digital signage solutions in their meeting rooms and office space for numerous benefits. Conference room digital signage eliminates friction by enabling your workforce to identify available rooms and book them early or on the spot.

The best digital signage solutions accommodate technology that your employees are familiar with, including mobile apps, calendar systems, and wayfinding software. Therefore, invest in an eye-catching and user-friendly interface that helps employees identify available meeting spaces with one glance.

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