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7 Best Customer Onboarding Software 2022

Customer Onboarding Software
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A customer is the most significant person in the whole business activities, if a business does not have customers then what is the worth of that business? For such importance, there is a need for customer onboarding which refers to converting a person to a permanent customer.  When a person visits your business to know about the services or products, customer onboarding makes that person your customer. We can say that Customer Onboarding includes all the procedures that can turn visitors into your fixed customers.

In this process, it is important to know the requirements of your clients and customers. What they need and what you can offer them if you know these two terms properly, onboarding will be quite easy for you. For this, you need to listen to them carefully and understand their requirements. After it, you have to fulfill their requirements and if you are not able to fulfill them, you should satisfy anyhow. We can conclude that customer onboarding is all about making your customer satisfied and happy with your services.

What is Customer Onboarding Software?

To onboard your customers there are several online tools that can help you convert your one-time customer into a permanent one. Customer Onboarding Software has all the abilities that are necessary to onboard a customer. With this software, you can boost the experience of your clients and customer retention rate. We are going to tell you the best customer onboarding software that can be used for better customer service.

The Best Customer Onboarding Software 2022

  • User Pilot
  • Inline Manual
  • Appcues
  • WalkMe
  • Pendo
  • Nickelled
  • GuideCX


Userpilot is one of the leading Customer Onboarding Software. It helps its users to connect with their customers without any discrepancies. Userpilot is known for its personalized services as this feature enables you to take care of each of your clients. Every single customer is significant to every business that’s why it is very important to keep everyone’s choice in your mind.

Key Features:

People & Tracking

No Coding Needed

Product Analytics

Customer Segments

Engagement Layer


There are three paid plans of Userpilot and they are as follows-

Traction – $249/Month (Annually). If you are billed monthly, you have to pay $299/Month.

Growth – $499/Month (Annually).

Enterprise – $1000/Month (Annually)

Inline Manual

Inline Manual is another splendid onboarding software that lets you interact with your clients and customers without any coding requirements. Inline Manual is renowned for its documentation and tutorial features that can be created within a few minutes. You don’t need to panic about such features, you can operate them with a single dashboard.

Key Features

Version Control


In-App Help


Release Management

Detailed Analytics


There is a paid plan that starts from $158 for 250 active users. If you raise the number of active users the price also increases as follows –

$168 for 500 Users

$177 for 750 Users

$187 for 1000 Users

$202 for 2000 Users

This way, the price is increased as per the number of active users.


Appcues claims to be one of the finest customer onboarding software as it is quite easy to use. You don’t need any type of technical assistance if you are going for autonomy in your business. To get benefitted from Appceus, you have to just install Appcues. After it, you need to create flows and track events without any coding.

Key Features

User Onboarding

Feature Adoption


NPS & Surveys

Mobile Adoption


If we talk about its pricing plans, we find that it has three paid plans and they are as follows –

Essentials – $249/Month (Annually)

Growth – $879/Month (Annually)

Enterprise – Quote Based


If you are looking for a perfect option for Customer Onboarding Software, then WalkMe is suitable for you. WalkMe is built to enhance the relations between customers and you so that you can grow your sales, and boost relations with them. You can create on-screen tutorials for guiding your clients to let them understand your services. This way, your customers get their best experiences from your end. It will hike retention rate, and customer engagement, and reduce churn.

Key Features

Streamlined Onboarding

Build Customer Loyalty

Digital Transformation

Employee Productivity

Data Integrity


There are two running plans for WalkMe without any fixed charges. They are on a quote basis and you have to apply for the charging rates.


Pendo is another popular customer onboarding service provider that is providing services to many companies. With the help of this amazing tool, your customers can learn how to cooperate with software and work according to the software. Pendo lets you analyze the behavior of your customers and track the activities that can help you understand them. You get all types of stats that will assist you to improve your teams.

Key Features


In-App Guides


Portfolio Management


Feedback Collection


There are three paid plans and one free plan of Pendo. If we talk about its paid plans, they are as follows –

Growth – Quote Base

Portfolio – Quote Base

Premium – Quote Base


If you looking for a customer onboarding service that can offer you an interactive, customizable, seamless, and errorless engaging experience, you are at the right place. You can teach your clients in easy ways how to use your products and services in better ways. You can do it by featuring your clients training videos, lessons, and many more things.

Key Features


Help Assistants





Nickelled Studio


Nickelled User Onboarding – $249/Month ($2988, if you pay annually)


If you are expecting a lot from onboarding software, GuideCX can enrich your desire. It is an excellent customer onboarding software with multi-features so that you can enhance your relations with your clients. This software lets you track all the activities of your customers and send them automatic updates, notifications, and reminders.  GuideCX is one the easiest tools that can be used without having much technical know-how.


Track Project Analytics

Client Visibility

Unlimited Guest Invites

Automated Tasks


There are three popular plans of GuideCX and all of them are quote basis. You have to contact to the team to know the price. The Plans are as follows –

Professional – Quote Base

Premium – Quote Base

Enterprise – Quote Base

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