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The Best Software For Small Business

Small Business Software
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From a small business to a large-scale business, managing the tasks and activities is the key factor of management. According to a survey the management team spends two-thirds of its time on daily routine activities, meanwhile, only one-third of the time is spent on long-term targets. To manage these routine works, there is a need for technical assistance and there is a various significant handy software that can assist you to get the tasks done.

There are different software for different works such as accounting software for keeping accounts, project managing software for completion of given projects and tasks, inventory software to keep the eyes on stocks, and communication management software for better communication among the employees. This software not only enhance the quality of doing work but also save a huge amount of time and money. We are going to point out some of the best marketing management software that can boost small business organizations.

Top Ten Software For Small Business are as follows

Wave Accounting

In business, keeping the accounts is a daily routine work and it needs a particular time and knowledge. To solve this problem Wave Accounting is the best solution. This outstanding software remarkably calculates income and expenses, sales tax, company’s profit, and loss, and monitor cash flow statement on daily basis. It organizes all the accounts in a proper way so that filing taxes would be easy. It helps create and send invoices to the customers. This software manages all the repetitions of invoices too. Wave Accounting provides its services freely but there are some paid offers also.


Now-a-day, managing the company’s mail is one of the important daily routine tasks. It is very crucial to treat mails so that proper communication between customer and seller can be made. This software is considered one of the best email marketing software due to its services. MailChimp makes it easy for new users so that they can use it in their new business without much effort. A lot of templates and remarkable personalization make this software popular among its users. It works on an automation process that sends and replies to the mails on their behaviors. MailChimp renders its services in free and paid modes. There is a limit on the free plan, therefore you can have only 2000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month. Its essential plan starts at $9.99 per month and the standard plan starts at $14.99 per month.


A business can be successful if it properly manages and completes its precious projects. Trello fulfills the need of the hour and it is the best solution for the users. Trello provides visual ways to manage a company’s project that is convenient for users. Its Kanban-style boards handle tasks and projects including individual projects and ongoing tasks. Trello features a simple and easy-to-use interface that lets its users create and custom cards as per their needs. There is Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and many more. There are two popular plans available, first, the free plan and the second one is the Business class plan.


For team management and hire management Freshteam is an appropriate option. Freshteam proceeds with each task from creating posts to retrenchment. This software enables small businesses to hire new employees easily. This software tracks the data and finds the number of required employees. As per the need, this creates posts, publishes resumes, receives applications from applicants and analyses those applications, and then sends job letters to newly appointed employees. Freshteam manages the employee’s working hours and handles their documents too. Freshteam offers three popular plans. First, the sprout plan is called the free plan also. This free plan is available for companies that have employees fewer than 50. The second is the Blossom plan, which charges $50 per month and the third is the Garden plan which charges $100 per month.

Google Workspace

This is the best document management software. Google workspace includes various vital tools including emails, calendars, cloud storage, documents, video meetings, and many more. Google workspace is highly protective and a huge storage platform. You don’t have to pay a lot for all these services separately. Google workspace creates cooperation among all Google forums. Gmail is the best platform for sending and receiving mails, Google calendar is used for creating schedules, Google sheet is for making documents, and Google drives is for storage. So, we can say that Google workspace covers multitasking efficiently. Google workspace provides its services freely and on a payment basis. Three types of paid plans are available there and they are a business starter, business standard, and business plan.  


Proofhub is effective software that handles business projects & tasks. It manages all the processes and daily routine tasks. It stores the company’s different projects and provides whenever it requires. It offers multi-vital tools that can streamline your business processes. It makes such strategies that can be suitable for your team. Its Kanban boards enable teams to complete their tasks without outside help. Proofhub saves your time by managing coordination in your teams and helps in improving communication so that the seamless execution of projects can be done.

Studio Cloud

Studio Cloud claims to provide an all-in-one solution that might be required by any firm. It helps in organization and management effectively. It handles your clients and their leads. You can seamlessly plan your timings and schedule the appointments with Studio Cloud. It creates customization for making and sending invoices to the customized customer. Studio Cloud also keeps your business’s books and assists you with financial issues. Studio Cloud manages the company’s different projects so that they can provide the best services to their clients. This software also runs your different marketing companies.


To get succeed in any field, managing time is a key factor. To manage your business’s precious time, Timely is an appropriate solution. Timely streamlines the whole system by tracking the processes and analyses all the factors that can affect the team. It attempts all the efforts to save the maximum time for your business so that your team can focus on big projects and long-term targets. It uses automation in different work processes that reduce repetitions. This software handily manages the tasks and improves the work performance of your teammates.


Slack is a team communication software that was initially introduced by a game development company. It removes all the weaknesses of communication in a company. Its instant replies, real-time messaging, and timely feedback take this software to the list of top communication software for small businesses. Slack uses an automation process that helps in reducing wastage of time and makes better communication with customers. This software categorizes the customers as per their needs and contacts them flawlessly. Slack integrates with lots of third-party software that helps in sharing files, scheduling meetings, and many more. Slack is also available free and it charges in two different modes i.e., Pro Plan and Business plan.


Customer support is a key factor for each type of organization. If you support and assist your customers and make them satisfy then you can grow easily. Intercom is a platform that renders its services to solve all the problems of customers. This software uses artificial intelligence to understand the intentions and behavior of their customer and contacts them whenever required. It uses an automation process to timely communicate with them. It provides 24*7 services to support the customers through various modes like messages, live chat, emails, videos & calls. Intercom offers a 14 days trial plan and its paid plan starts at $136 per month.

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