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Biotechnology And The Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

Biotechnology and the career opportunities in biotechnology
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Biotechnology is the branch of biology where living organism and molecular are used to produce and develop healthcare products. Biotechnology has changed our ways of living life by making improvements in daily routine products and the products may be health related or food related. Biotechnology has introduced some smart technologies that feature multi-nutrient products, these products have broad impact as they are reducing the chances of diseases, maximum output in minimum resources. This technology is considered much safer and cleaner comparing to other processes. In biotech, all the elements are natural therefore, there are fewer threat to environment and human being.

The key aim of biotechnology is to make a better lifestyle of human beings and make their lifespan longer without any disease. Biotechnology is helping the world by boosting different fields of society with its amazing results such as reduction in uses of petrochemical, deficiency in greenhouse gas emissions, less water wastage etc. This technology is healing the farming sector too with incredible outputs. It provides such techniques that make higher results in fewer inputs, reduce the requirements of chemicals and need fewer pesticides. All these elements help in growing crops with higher nutrition.

There are a lot of areas where biotechnology can be used such as medical science, agriculture and farming, immunology, seed technology, virology and many more. All these fields offer numerous opportunities for making an outstanding career to the youth. Let’s discuss some of the career modes that can be chosen.

Career Opportunities In Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology

In healthcare sector, biotechnology plays a vital role. Biotechnology helps medical sector by providing valuable services like, various medical drugs, diagnostic kits, innovation of vaccine, medical machines etc. Because of such importance and wide area, there are a lot of career opportunities in biotechnology. There are a lot of research companies that offer jobs for the able person. If you choose medical biotechnology, you can join pharmaceutical companies too. Let’s see some leading jobs in this field

Clinical Laboratory Technician

In biotechnology, there is a need of technician who can operate on laboratory machines and tools. He helps in research projects and new experiments. If the person who is doing laboratory tasks, has proper potential and outstanding work knowledge then there are a lot chances of growth in this career option. A clinical technical normally has to do daily routine process but in this routine work he learns pretty much.

Pharmaceutical Research Technician

This is a job title, under which a person assists his or her scientist or senior physician for research and development tasks in pharmaceutical industries. It might a good choice for the person who is seeking his career in biotechnology. A pharmaceutical technician normally has to perform daily routine tasks such as testing compounds, recoding research output results, maintaining labs and many more.

Plant Biotechnology

Biotechnology has changed the life of plants too. All the major problems related to plants and agriculture now can be solved and it is possible just because of Biotechnology. There are a lot of problems that were obstacles for farming such as, lack of proper crop yield, poor quality crop, loss of soil fertility and many more. Let’s see some significant jobs opportunities in this field.

Greenhouse Technician

The need of greenhouse technician occurs in such conditions where normal faming is not possible. A greenhouse technician manages all the tasks related to greenhouse farming like growing crops, harvesting, drying plants & leaves and etc. He also manages seed storage and irrigation equipment. He timely provides the necessary data that may be useful for research and development of greenhouse farming.

Genomics Technician

A genomics technician assists his researchers by providing them the required information related to genes, gene therapy and the output of lab tests. He has to gain a proper knowledge to differ RNA and DNA from the samples. He prepares the findings of research and analysis. Sometimes he has to support his researcher in microscopic organism study. He mainly works in a team but sometime he has to go alone for a project.

Food Biotechnology

Food biotechnology is required because there was a lack of proper resources of food as the number of populations was increasing. With the help of food biotechnology, the production of quality food with higher nutrition could be possible. It also helped in preservation of food, now we can preserve food for longer period than earlier time. Let’s see some of the best career options in this sector.

Food Technologist

The job of a food technologist is to ensure that the food products are made safely and meet the necessary standards. To ensure, he has to inspect all the food making procedures like, from selecting ingredients to packaging standards. A food technologist works on find new ingredients so that he can add them in his recipe. The main motive of food technologist is to provide hygienic and nutritional food products to their consumers.  

Nutritional Therapist

A nutritional therapist prepares a diet chart for his client so that the client gets all nutrition in his plate. If a person who requires enhancement in his lifestyle regarding his diet plan, then he can contact to a nutritional therapist. He tells him all about the value of nutrition and the sources of different nutrition. The therapist firstly, examines his clients and know the deficiencies of nutrition and then according to the deficiency, he prepares the diet chart.

Environment Biotechnology

With the rising threat to environment, the introduction of biotechnology to environment was need of the hour. With the advent of environment biotechnology, it is now possible to control the wastage of environmental resources such as, water, soil and many more. Let’s have a look on the major aspects of career in Biotechnology.

Environmental Scientist

An environmental scientist primarily finds the threats to environment and then tries to provide the solutions of these threats. To find out the reason of pollution, he collects the required data from soil, water, air and other environmental aspects. He prepares the complete work chart to prevent the pollution effects. He innovates new ideas and techniques by researches that can reduce the environmental threats.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer also works for finding hazards to environment, solutions to those hazards by applying the engineering expertise. He uses his engineering tools to minimize the pollution and wastages. The engineers use all the environmental resources in such way that they can control the pollution in the best way. They innovate the techniques and devices that helps develop renewable energy sources. They have to perform timely audit on environmental aspects and evaluate the environmental impacts.

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