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Run a Fashion Blog? Here’s How to Promote It Successfully in 2022

Promote a Fashion Blog
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Reading up on the latest trends in fashion and clothing is a common practice for many people. It’s fun, informative, and helps you identify new trends you might want to join in on! 

Fashion is one of the most popular blog topics written about on the Internet today. Fashion bloggers can receive all kinds of perks like free clothing or brand sponsorships. It’s no wonder why so many people enjoy running a fashion blog!

Yet, with all those fashion blogs out there, you’re bound to face some competition. Competition is natural and unavoidable, but you can do some work to stand out from the rest and get more people to visit your page.

If you’re trying to promote your fashion blog this year, we have compiled some easy-to-implement tips that can help your blog become more successful with the clicks of a few buttons! Keep reading to boost your blog’s success.

Brand Yourself

Branding is super important in running any business successfully. There is so much writing out there on the Internet today, so to stand out with your blog you need to be meticulous in planning and executing your brand.

First, you need to decide what your brand looks like. Some questions to ask yourself while developing your unique brand are:

  • What topics do I want to talk about?
  • What initiatives or causes do I care about? (For example, if you are into sustainability, your fashion blog may primarily focus on sustainable sourcing and thrifting.)
  • Who is my ideal reader? (Are you targeting fashion for teens, college students, professionals, or parents? You need to have an ideal consumer in mind to keep content relevant.)

Social Media

Now that you have answered the questions above, take those answers and begin to build your online presence around them.

Social media should be your first focus point for a fashion blog. Social media is an extremely popular and effective way to promote hot topics like fashion or pop culture. Fashion blogs have a very visual appeal, which means they will resonate well on social media like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Your social media page(s) should be focused on clear and clean branding. You should have a link in your ‘Bio’ or ‘About Me’ section which leads back to your blog. For your posts, such as on Instagram, you will want to have a consistent color scheme and branding in mind.

If you’re no expert at graphic design, don’t panic. Websites like PosterMyWall can provide you with free and customizable Instagram post templates that make this process a breeze. You can scroll through their dozens of pre-made designs or make a post all your own. You can customize to your heart’s desire and change the words to make a post that’s relevant to your blog.

Before you start to try to grow a following, you should have a few nicely designed posts up to view already. Some people might try to build a following first, and post later, but this rarely works. Why would someone follow you if they have no idea what you post about?

Your Instagram or Facebook posts should be a fraction of a complete thought. For example, you make a visually appealing post on PosterMyWall that says something like “Why XYZ Fashion Brand Is the Best Choice for Dresses”, and then write a short caption introducing your followers to a tidbit of an exciting part of the content. If they want to read the full article, make them click on a link that guides them to your blog.

Be a Follower

After you’ve set up a few eye-catching posts, begin following the right crowd. You can’t expect people to find you and follow you. You must get on their radar with the following notification!

The idea here is that when you follow people, they will have a look at your profile. If you follow the right people, they will follow you back!

To make sure you’re following the right people, you can try a few things. Search hashtags that relate to your blogs, such as #fashion, #clothing, or #designers. See who posts about those and follow them.

You will begin to build a network of followers. Soon, you’ll have lots of fashion-loving eyes on your profile!

Make Your Blog Enjoyable

If you are going to put in all this work to gain followers and clicks, make sure your blog is worth reading. Write content that’s original, funny, or whatever else fits into your brand. Use graphics and logos to spice up your page.

A blog banner is a great way to show someone what the blog is all about the minute they click on an article. Create a unique banner for each blog post, that will catch the eyes of scrollers and make them stop and read!

PosterMyWall has dozens of templates to use if you don’t know where to start with your blog banner. PosterMyWall’s blog banner templates are free to use and completely customizable. By creating a blog banner that fits your branding and subject matter, you are sure to draw in more interested readers.

Bottom Line

Promoting a fashion blog can be time-consuming with lots to consider. However, with today’s tools like social media and customizable graphic design websites, it’s never been easier to promote your blog. The power is in your hands. Happy promoting!

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