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Paytron – Pricing, Features, Reviews 2022

Paytron - The Payment Software
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Paytron is a worldwide payment system that manages all types of business transactions, payroll, foreign payments, etc. With this amazing tool, you can handle every business transaction as you can simply make payments, pay bills, prepare various reports, and many more things. It is estimated that you can minimize the workload of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable by 80% using Paytron.

Paytron is a digital accountant, that assists company’s accountants, and accounting software so that they can make transactions easily. This accounting assistant is being used around the word by every type of business organization. In this article, we will tell you all the informative details, features of Paytron, advantages of Paytron, pricing, etc.

Features of Paytron

Bills & Payments

Paytron handles each type of bill and payment; it makes payments of local and foreign bills. You need not worry about foreign bills as you can simply proceed with its tool. This software automates bills and schedules them so that payments can be done. This tool approves the bills and reconciles with your accounting software. Paytron can pay thousands of bills at a time and record them too. From making bills to payments of such bill, every task can be performed by this payment tool.

Automated Payments

After installing this software, you will be able to stop manual entries in your accounting books. It also reduces the number of files, this way, you can save your efforts and time. For automated transactions, you need to feed the entries in this accounting software, and you will the magic after it. You have to approve all the bills so that the tool can proceed.

Payroll Payments

In every organization, payment of payroll is the most significant task. Every employee needs timely payments in every company and if there is any discrepancy, it might cause disaster. Paytron has the solution for this problem, it automates all the payments of company’s employees as per their working hours. Paytron manages all types of tasks related to payroll, it schedules the payments and makes every transaction automatically. You can release your stress regarding payments of employees on payday.

Approval Workflows

Paytron eliminates the last time stress of getting approvals for workflows. Sometimes, decisions are not made by companies in a proper way that causes a lot fuss. This tool timely takes the approval when it is ready. You can save the time and money that can be wasted in last moment efforts.


If your business is run in several countries like the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. there might be chances of currency problem. But Paytron helps you set up bank accounts in these countries too. You can collect your money in any currency within 24 hours with the help of Paytron. This tool provides quite cheaper rates than any other bank. From one currency to another currency, transactions are too easy with Paytron.

Who Gets Benefitted From Paytron



Outsourced Accountants

Payroll Providers



Pricings of Paytron

Paytron boasts of having transparent pricing plans, you get reasonable offers by Paytron. There are two popular plans including Starter and Business Plan.

STARTER PACK (No Subscription Required)

  • 2way sync bills with accounting software
  • Payroll Payments and Integrations
  • 180+ Countries with Built-in approvals workflows
  • Fix Currency Rates for Up to 12M
  • 2 Users

BUSINESS PACK ($49.99/Month)

  • Including Starter Pack, these are additional features
  • Email for Data Extraction
  • Custom Approval Settings
  • Branding On Payment Confirmations
  • Multiple AUD Sub Accounts
  • Unlimited Users

Advantages of Paytron

  • Easy Payments
  • Automated Services
  • Secure Transactions
  • Solid Backup
  • Cheaper Foreign Exchange Rates

Alternatives to Paytron

There are hundreds of alternatives available in the industry, we are pointing out some of the key accounting software.

Biller Genie

Biller Genie is the leading cloud-based accounting software that automates account receivables and account payables. You can integrates this software with your accounting software and it does not force to change your existing accounting software.

Features of Biller Genie

  • Accounting Software Genie
  • Integrates With Credit Card
  • Reconcile Payments with Accounting Software
  • Automated Payments
  • Customized Templates
  • Personalization
  • Send Invoices to Customer


You can get Biller Genie services for $24.95 per month.


With the help of Rydoo, you can automate all the expenses that may be occurred in an organization. It manages all the payment transactions from approvals of payments to their reimbursement.

Features of Rydoo

  • Sync With Corporate Cards
  • Allocate Expenses Among Different Projects
  • Approval of Payments
  • Faster and Simple Invoicing
  • Timely Bills and Payments


The Rydoo pricing starts from €8 per user per month, pricings are categorized in three plans.

Essentials – €8/user/month

Pro – €10/user/month

Enterprise – Quote-Based


Pipefy integrates with more than 500 platforms to streamlines payment system of business organizations. This accounting software is globally used by every type of business organization.

Features of Pipefy

Boosts Digital Payments

Centralize Various Forms In Single Portal

Set Up Approvals

Automate Your Payments

Integrate With Financial Software


Pipefy Price starts from $18 per month.

Zoho Subscriptions            

Zoho Subscriptions handles payments of the organizations where subscriptions are charged for services. You can manage your all subscription billings and invoices.

Features of Zoho Subscriptions

  • Subscription Management
  • Subscription Branding
  • Recurring Payments
  • Subscription Metrics
  • Billing Automation
  • Discount Management

Pricing :

Zoho Subscriptions charges $49 per month.

Zoho Invoice

This is also an excellent alternative to Paytron as you can manage your all invoices at a single platform. From invoice crafting to make payments, Zoho invoice completes all the tasks seamlessly.

Features of Zoho Invoice

  • Create Professional Invoice
  • Effective Invoices
  • Get Payments Timely
  • Track Receivables and Payables
  • Track Expenses
  • Analytical Reports


You can take free services of Zoho Invoice, there are no charges for its invoicing.

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