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AtTrack: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Reviews

AtTrack - Time Tracking Software
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Time is the most important asset for any business, even though it is the most precious thing in this world. Proper management of your working hours can take your business to another level. AtTrack is the perfect solution to manage time efficiently because this is the leading software in this field. This software assists you to track your every second so that you can maximize your productivity rate. This way, you can enhance your workers’ efficiency.

This amazing tool plays a key role in project and task management. Whenever you plan any work procedure, you have to think about the timings that can be expended in the completion of that task. Time tracking is very necessary for every type of business, whether it is a small, medium, or large-scale business. You have to be concerned about the timings before starting any business. AtTrack Software streamlines every business operation and saves the wastage of your working hours.

How Does AtTrack Work?

AtTrack is a simple and easy-to-use splendid tool that should be used by every company. With the help of this excellent software, you can monitor and track the timings of working operations. You have to install this software before starting any operation, it will leave you amazed with its outstanding results. It does not matter where you are applying this tool, it will make benefit whether you are a developer, marketing agency, freelancer, remote worker, or designer.

AtTrack tracks every step of the ongoing projects and monitors them in a proper way so that there is no discrepancy. This tool not only tracks the working hours but also presents your reports.

Features of AtTrack

Prevent Burnout

Burnout is caused due to a long period of involvement in any task or being exhausted. When burnout reaches its peak, the employees’ performance starts decreasing. AtTrack tracks the working hours of your employees and provides them with a flexible schedule so that they can work freely. When it feels that burnout is occurring in the company, this software informs you instantly and also suggests reducing burnout, it is estimated that AtTrack enhances the lifespan of your employees by 130%.

Offline Time Tracking

This software works even when there is no internet connection because you can’t waste your time due to the unavailability of the internet. This software tracks your working hours and sync with reports whenever you are online. Now, you control your time while being offline. This feature of AtTrack is crucial as sometimes an important entry of your work procedures may be missed due to an internet problem.


With the help of AtTrack, now you can make payments of employees easily and fast. As you have complete data on your employee’s working hours, you do not need to make a report before paying him. You have to just click a single button and a whole timesheet of your employee will be in front of you. You need to just set the rate of payments and the invoices will be ready.

Easy Reporting

AtTrack lets you present quality reports before your management, this tool helps you generate a detailed report covering every needed aspect. This report shows every minute that your employee has spent on a task. You get reports in an easy-to-understand mode so that anybody can easily go through your reports.

Task Autofill

If you are assigned a task and the management of your company forgot to name that task, you can simply generate the name of that task. You do not need to waste your time on such petty issue, AtTrack focuses on your working hours, not on its administration  

Add New Modules

AtTrack’s modular system is really very amazing and helpful as you can add a new feature in this software as your need. This feature helps small businesses because there are different needs of different companies. You don’t have to pay for the services that you do not require.

Track URL and APP

This feature of AtTrack lets you control your employees’ screen timings. This tool generates a system where you can easily track the timings of your employees and find where they are wasting their time. This tool tracks the computer of your employee and keeps its eyes on every URL and app. It categorizes the usages of URL and App into productive, neutral, and unproductive.

Pricing of AtTrack

AtTrack has featured 3 plans for its users, you can take the subscription of your required version as per your usages. These 3 plans have been categorized based on their features.

Basic – AtTrack’s basic plan does not charge any money from its users, you can freely get its basic services like an unlimited number of projects, time tracking of projects, offline time tracking, detailed project reports, etc. This plan offers 3 months of data storage and 3 months of screenshot storage.

Pro – AtTrack’s Pro plan charges $3 per month per user for some advanced features. You get all the services that you take in Basic Plan, in addition to it, you get Workday Statistics Dashboard, Activity Levels for Employees, and Activity Level Report.

Business – You have to pay $5 per month per user for its significant features. You get basic and pro features in this plan and in addition to it, you get Timesheet and Attendance, Individual Effectiveness Settings, Application Usage Report, and Clients Access to Data. This Business plan offers 2 years of data storage and 6 months of Screenshot storage.

Integration With Jira and Trello

To maximize the productivity and performance of your employees this software features integration with two popular task management software, Jira and Trello. AtTrack helps these two software enhance their potential and complete the given tasks in a given period.

Alternatives To AtTrack

There are hundreds of alternatives to AtTrack, but we are going to discuss the top 10 alternatives that can be used in place of AtTrack. We are providing the key specifications of these tools. Every tool is known for its unique specification. Let’s see the major features of all the following software.


Jibble is also a free time tracking software that freely and easily tracks the timings of your business procedures. This software is better for almost every type of business-like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, field services, etc. You get automatically created timesheets and reports.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a worldwide famous time tracking software that is providing its services for different types of organizations. Whether it is a small organization or a big industry, this tool is tracking the hours of every entity. There are 3 paid plans of Time Doctor and they are Basic ($7/month), Standard ($10/month), and Premium ($20/month).


Tmetric is one the best alternatives to AtTrack, and it is suitable for software developers, designers, consultation firms, game development industries, etc. There are 3 famous plans of Tmetric. One of them is free and the rest of the plans are paid. Professional and Business Plan charge fees.


Clockify features hourly pay for employees who are indulged in a project. This tool assigns the task to the employees, helps them complete the project, and extracts reports of their projects. Along with its free plan, there are four more paid plans and they are Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. These plans charge $3.99, $5.49, $7.99, and $11.99 per user respectively.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is 100% free invoicing software that helps you track the working hours of your employees, prepare invoices, and does payments faster. This software is generally popular among small and new businesses.         


AtTrack is the best solution to all the time-related problems in a company. This software tracks every activity of an employee and saves the wastage of time. We have included all the necessary points that are relevant to AtTrack. We have discussed the key features of this time-saving tool. In this article, you get the alternatives to AtTrack, that can be used in place of this tool. You can compare them with each other and opt for the best one.

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