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Top 7 Free Video Players for Windows in 2022

Video Player For Windows
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Most laptop and computer users play videos or movies on their devices off and on. We mostly find some in-built software on laptops and computers. There are numerous video players for Windows users are available in the market. Some of these players are available for free and some of them are paid-video players. You can get amazing features in free video players for windows that are enough for you. In this article, you will get ideas related to the latest and smart video players that will enhance your watching experience with advanced features.

You might be thinking that there are already many famous inbuilt video players in Windows then why we are talking about third-party videos players. We have two reasons for this query, firstly, we are going to tell you some advanced video players which don’t require too many formalities that normally in-built software require. And the second one is these video players’ advanced features. Read this article to know more about free video players that can maximize your watching experience.

VLC Media Player – Renowned Video Player for Windows

You must have ever watched movies or videos on VLC Media Player because the popularity and availability are known to everyone. This video player is being used for a long time in windows. You can find most of the desired features in this software. This software is available for free so, you don’t have to pay for it. You have to just download on your devices and can enjoy watching movies or videos. You can play 360-degree videos, movies, clips in full HD print up to 8k resolution.

There is almost everything on this device that is required in a video player. You can easily control or adjust this software’s settings as per your needs. Its subtitle feature makes you understand foreign-language movies and video clips. VLC Media Player has an outstanding interface that covers a wide range of features. You need to grab all those features to enjoy your videos. All types of file formats are accepted by VLC like FLV, MP4, MP3, MKV, MPEG-3 without any interruptions.  

GOM Player – A Wide Range of Features

GOM Player also secure its rank in our top priority for the best video player for Windows. GOM also covers most of the features that a smart and advanced video player must-have. You can watch 360p to 1080p movies or videos on this device, this video player plays every type of video. You can tweak your videos incredibly and enjoy them to the full. It’s quite simple to tweak videos, perhaps this software is the best for doing this. GOM also allows you to fully control this software as per your requirements, you can make adjustments to this video player so that you can enhance your viewing experiences.

GOM features a user-friendly dashboard where you don’t require to have much technical knowledge to operate this video player. This software has been serving for the last 20 years and more than 250 countries. This software not only plays videos and movies but also assists in editing them. GOM avails its services for free and some paid plans, its free version also carries a lot of excellent offers that a person would like to have on his device.

POT Player – Another Free and Best Video Player for Windows

POT is known for its incredible customization as it is said that this video player can run any type of video file on this software. You don’t need to change the format of that particular file; this software will automatically adjust such files to play video. POT plays every type of video file on its player, it might be 360p, 1080p or 4k, 8k, and 360-degree. You can play even 3D videos on POT to view 3D movies and shows at home.

Its advanced and excellent interface covers a wide range of amazing features which don’t need know-how knowledge, you can easily handle them and make adjustments to your videos. POT features a screen recorder in its free version, you can record any video or movie clip.

Subtitles feature also provided by POT to watch movies or videos that will help you understand foreign languages. POT also offers a free version that is enough for its normal users.

Media Player Classic – Veteran Video Player for Windows

Media Player Classic is also known as Home Cinema because of its fascinating features. This software has always been people’s top priority due to unmatchable features. You can experience better services than many similar video players. Media Player Classic supports almost every format of videos, whether it is 4k or 8k video. You can customize videos simply as this software provides lots of tools in its toolbar. Its user-friendly interface streamlines the functionality of this software.

Every Windows user must use this software at least once because this is quite easy and simple to use. MPC-HC supports every file format so that you can enjoy movies and videos of different formats. You can play MP3, MP4, MPEG-3, MKV, FLV, and other file formats on MPC-HC. All these specialties make this software the leading video player for windows. You don’t have to pay for using this video player’s excellent services.

5K Player – Versatile Video Player

5K Player boasts to play any type of content, it does not matter what is its source. You can play any format on 5K Player like MP3, MP4, FLV, and many more. You can adjust your video player as your requirements, it features a video library where you can add your favorite videos in a single place. There is no limitation of number, you can add as many videos as you can do. 5K Player supports YouTube so that you can stream YouTube videos on this software.  

If you want to watch 360-degree videos, this software will play those videos for you. 5K supports 4K and 8K video formats that maximize your streaming experience. Subtitle feature enables you to comprehend other language movies, this software supports many subtitle formats. If you want to download movies or videos from YouTube or any other video platform then you can use 5K to do so. 5K also provides its services without taking any charges, you don’t need to pay anything for enjoying videos and movies.

Power DVD – Best for High-Quality Videos

If you want one solution to many problems then Power DVD will be your right choice as this software is One Man Army in this field. This platform provides lots of features that we can find in 2 more video players. If you keep a lot of videos in your library then Power DVD will help you manage all such videos. This video player also supports 4K, 8K, HDR 10, and Blu-ray videos efficiently. You can watch videos and movies offline after downloading them. This way, you can store your content and then enjoy them.

Power DVD is easy to operate and enables you to manage your files. You can link this software to your TV so that you can enjoy more at your home. Its audio features will make you feel as you do in cinemas. Customization is its key factor that’s why we choose Power DVD in top video players for windows. Power DVD boasts to have amazing and never before YouTube experience in this software. You can enjoy your favorite YouTube channels on this device in offline mode. This software makes it possible to manage your photos with AI facial recognition.  

Miro – Free Video Player for Windows

If you want to get more features in a single video player then Miro should be your right choice. With advanced and the latest features, Miro claims its rank in our article that is about Top Video Player for Windows. You can watch and download videos from this platform, this is one of the rare software which permits you to download videos from other sources like YouTube, Amazon, Bittorent, and many more. Miro also features to convert your video into other formats mp3, mp4, etc. This software has a lot of features with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Miro’s unique specialty is that you can share your videos and movies from one device to another if you both are connected through a single Wi-fi network. You can enjoy Miro’s services without paying any money to its owners. We would recommend to you to take experiences of Miro at least once. You will be quite amazed at using this video player.


We have discussed some of the best Video Players for Windows. All these software have some unique qualities in each of them. A single video player can’t meet everyone’s needs. You should try each of them to know more about their functionalities. We are not promoting any video players because we are just providing information about them. We keep our readers updated in a timely and we will do the same in near future. We have shortlisted these video players based on their features. If we find any other masterpiece for you, then we surely update you.  

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