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Thop TV Apk – Watch IPL for Free

Thop TV Apk Watch IPL for Free
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Thop Tv is a source of entertainment that features movies, web shows, cricket matches, news channels, and many more. Thop Tv is an app that can be downloaded on android mobile phones to enjoy movies, shows, episodes, and matches like IPL cricket matches. Due to the progress of technology, everything has changed this time, that’s why the way of entertainment has also changed. Now it does not require watching television to watch movies, these types of apps are also providing movies for free.

It charges no fee for providing movies, web series, cricket matches, and many more entertaining shows. This app features various popular tv channels so that we can enjoy our favorite movie, show, or match. We don’t have to pay for its services. Everyone likes to entertain himself but does not want to expend on that. This platform fulfills its users’ choice and does not charge any money for entertainment. But this platform illegally provides such tv channels for free and these types of applications are not valid in India and other many countries.

The owner of this tv app invented this app for people who like watching movies, tv serials, cricket matches, news, and other entertaining things but they can not afford the price that is charged by their providers. This way all the people who want to explore movies, tv shows, matches, and many more, can choose this source. A great number of tv channels, sports channels, movie channels, and regional language channels are its key specifications.

How to Install Thop Tv App

To enjoy IPL matches 2022, the latest movies, web series, tv serials, and many other shows you can download Thop Tv. To download and install this app, you can follow our guidelines as follows –

  • First of all, to install Thop Tv apk you have to visit Google.
  • After it, you need to type “Thop Tv Apk” on Google’s search bar.
  • You will get many websites that show Thop tv, but you have to visit its official website.
  • After reaching its official website, you can download this app here.
  • After downloading it, an icon will be named “install”.
  • You need to click on that “install” button.
  • Sometimes your mobile can show you a notification to enable permission to unknown sources.
  • After it, you will be able to explore movies, tv serials, news channels, hundreds of regional channels, sports channels, etc.

How to Watch IPL Matches on Thop Tv Apk

IPL is the most-watched sports tournament in India and other countries, especially in Asian Countries. IPL has a huge fan following, millions of people watch this tournament on live mode. There are two valid options to watch IPL live, firstly, you can watch IPL matches on Star Sports Channel on television and the second one is Disney+ Hotstar, which provides IPL on mobiles. Both ways charge a particular amount for providing services. The people who can’t expend on such sources, can install Thop Tv and enjoy Live IPL Matches. To watch IPL on this platform, you need to follow the following steps.

  • First of all, you have to download Thop Tv from its official website.
  • After it, install this app by following its guidelines.
  • Now, you need to search Star Sports Channel on Thop Tv and you will be able to enjoy live cricket matches.

Key Features of Thop Tv Pro

1000+ TV channels

Thop Tv is known for its diversity, more than one thousand tv channels are featured on this single platform. This app has every type of tv channel like movie channels, sports channels, cartoon channels, news channels, tv serial channels, and many regional tv channels. You can watch the latest movie on this platform, it also provides live tv shows like cricket matches, football matches, live news, etc.

Subtitles Available

Thop Tv covers a wide range of content and features movies and shows from different countries. Here, you can find English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, and several language contents. To understand such content, subtitles are highly needed. Different language subtitles are featured by this app. You don’t need to panic while watching foreign content.

Freely Available

This is the most significant feature of this application. Everybody likes watching movies, tv serials, and live cricket matches without paying anything. You can freely experience all the latest movies, web shows, live cricket matches, and live football matches from various sources that are paid.

HD Picture Quality

All the content that is available on this platform is in full HD quality. Some free channels do not provide better picture quality but this app features high-quality content.

Customer Support

This Tv app has its customer care service center, where it supports its users instantly. Whenever you face any problem while experiencing this app, you can contact its customer care center where you will get every solution in no time.

User Friendly

This app does not require high knowledge to run this app on your android devices. To have to follow some easy steps to download, and install the Thop tv apk. All the content is categorized in a good manner so that the user does not face any problems while using this app.

Latest Versions

The owners of this app, timely introduce its new and advanced versions. They add new features and specifications to their present versions. This way, they provide better and faster services without charging any money.

The Versions of Thop TV

Thop TV APK v48.9.5

Thop TV APK v46.3.8

Thop TV APK v47.9.4

Thop TV APK v45.9.0

Thop TV APK v48.1.0

Thop TV APK v48.9.0

Thop TV APK v45.9.0

 Thop TV Live Cricket

Cricket is one of the most-viewed sports in the world, in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan; cricket is the most-watched sport. Due to such a high number of audiences, there is a need for an app that does not charge money for providing live telecasts. You can watch every cricket match on the Thop tv apk. THIS APP CAN WATCH all ODI matches, test cricket matches, World Cup matches, IPL, BBL, and other league matches. Thop Tv presents live telecasts of such matches, it does not delay the telecast.

Is it a Valid Platform?  

Thop Tv is not a valid platform because it illegally features tv channels. This app provides movies, tv serials, sports matches, and news channels freely which makes a huge loss to the owners of such tv channels. The owners of tv channels earn from the audience by charging amounts such as subscription fees or other modes. But Thop Tv and other similar apps make content available for free. We can say that this app is not an authentic and valid source for all such reasons. You should not opt for this platform to watch movies, live cricket matches, news, and other content.

Valid Substitutes To Watch IPL

If you are a die-hard fan of watching IPL then this app is the perfect choice for you. You are not required to pay for watching matches on this platform. As we have mentioned earlier, this source is not valid, you should choose an authentic platform to watch IPL matches. IPL is telecast on the Star Sports channel, TV users can watch all IPL matches on the Star Sports channel on their TVs. If you are using a mobile, you can use the Disney+ Hotstar app to watch IPL. These two ways are valid and legal that provide all the live matches.


We have already mentioned that Thop Tv is not a valid platform. We neither promote such platforms nor sell such content on our website. We are just providing information regarding this tv app and its activities. We highly recommend you not to visit such websites or apps to watch movies, shows, tv serials, IPL matches, live cricket matches, etc.


In this article, we have discussed Thop Tv where we can stream thousands of tv channels that cover movie channels, sports channels, cartoon channels, news channels, and many more. We have told you how to download and install this Tv on your mobile devices. We have also provided a list of significant features of this app. We will surely inform you if we get any new updates regarding this app through our posts. Stay in touch with us and keep reading our articles.

How to watch IPL matches for free?

To watch IPL matches for free, you can visit Thop TV, where more than 1000 tv channels are featured, you can watch IPL matches too for free.

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