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What is SaaS? (Software as a Service)

SaaS software as a service
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Software as a service (Saas) is a new advancement of technology, this is way of delivering services through software and apps that are cloud based. It means SaaS offers you to use the features of applications and software without installing and maintaining them. You can use such apps and software online platforms and you don’t need to bother about installation and management procedures. This type of service is basically called as web-based, cloud based or on-demand service provider. In this technology, the service providers feature their own platform to let the users take advantages of their services. It doesn’t compel the users to install any app or software, instead of it, they make it available to them and set up whole installation procedure. The service provider team timely manage the software and hardware as per the service agreement, assure their users for data storage and data security. All the operations are managed and tracked from the desk of service providers and they keep their user’s data at their center.

SaaS is one of three types of cloud computing as cloud computing includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS primarily works on cloud-based model where all the activities are controlled from a centralized platform. A company that provides software on rent, it might have its own network, server or it might contract to a third party to host the software in its data centre that is called ISV (independent software vendor who only deals in software and keep the data at the third party). All the software and applications that are working under a service provider are connected with each other through a single network. The software and applications are accessed with the help of web browsers. This way, a user doesn’t require to create whole set up for managing the software or application, he can just use the facilities by paying a fix subscription amount. There are various key advantages of using SaaS. Let’s explore them

Advantages of SaaS


This is one of the major reasons why SaaS is prioritized instead of having own Software or IT infrastructure. It requires a lot of amounts of money to establish own IT infrastructure and Software and not only in installation money is required, but also in maintaining process a huge amount of money is needed. Software as a Service (SaaS) offers packages on subscription basis that are quite affordable. Because the amount of premium subscription is pretty cheaper than having own software systems. The other benefit is that you have to pay only for what you have used.

Simple Access

This is quite easy to get the subscription of SaaS services with some requirements. You basically need an appropriate computer system where you can perform your work-operations. Alongside computer system, a well settled internet connection is also most important aspect. The software is kept under the surveillance of service providers and they promptly take action when they find any technical glitch. So, if you have all these systems, you can experience the features of SaaS services and operate your works via online mode.


SaaS covers a wide range of services because there is no limit of usage. We can adjust the limitations of use by adding or subtracting the premium plans. This feature is convenient for such business entities who have the chances of grow because whenever they feel that they can grow, they can upgrade their existing plans and take the advantages of wide range of services. In opposite conditions, you are also allowed to cut your subscription costs. Overall, you are free to adapt your subscription limit as per your need.

Timely Updates

When you have your own software system, then you have to concern for timely updates but if you are collaborating under SaaS, then you don’t need to be worry. In SaaS, whole software programming is managed by a centralized system that takes care of every step, from installation to developing software. Whenever it requires that there is need of update in any software program. The service provider keeps a specialized team that mainly focus on software operation.

Fast Deployment

This is another splendid feature of having SaaS services. All the applications and software that you want to have for your business are already developed and configured in the cloud, you will not have to arrange for its installation formalities. If a company go for its own software set up then they must face the installation or development obstacles. But SaaS assures you for such types of worries.

Disadvantages of SaaS

There are always two sides of a coin, that means if there are significant advantages of having SaaS, then there must be some disadvantages of this technology. Let’s see some of those disadvantages –


This is one the most concerning aspects in current time. If a platform cannot assure for security, then there is no chance for adoption that. In SaaS, all the confidential data and information need to be shared with third party. In this way, there is a high risk in sharing such precious information with other ones. No company would dare to put itself in such high-risk zone.

No Control

In SaaS, all the activities are controlled by third party by a centralized mode. All the updates and improvements will be decided by such third party, you can’t adjust yourself as per your need. Every company would like to have proper control on its computer software and the requirements of every company are different so they can’t adjust according to other’s need.

Internet Speed

If you want to have SaaS services then you have to ensure that your internet speed as per the requirements. Because SaaS needs an appropriate internet speed, at which your connection can perform easily.

Slow Performance

A web-based service provider mostly faces obstacles in making seamless performance. Meanwhile, a software that is controlled and owned by user himself, will perform without any hurdles. Most of the large companies go for setting up their own system that do not create any problems in performance.

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