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Phyzii Pharma CRM – Reviews, Features, And Pricing

Phyzii Pharma CRM
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Phyzii CRM is one of the best customer relationship management tools in the life sciences and pharma sectors. Phyzii CRM easily handles the routine task of healthcare industries so that they can manage their business efficiently. With the help of this CRM software, they build healthy relations with their customers, clients, and many more.

This CRM platform works on a cloud-based platform so that it can manage every type of work procedure and data of the medical company. Phyzii CRM assists each type of business as you can take advantage of this helpful software in startups, agencies, small & large scale businesses, etc. This handy tool handles different types of business operations like manufacturing, distributing, marketing, sales, and many more.

Phyzii CRM software is developed by Cirrius Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company designed this tool to eradicate the obstacles in the medical and life science industry. You can maximize the results of your organization by implementing this CRM software well.

How Phyzii CRM helps Pharma Industries 

This amazing tool contains all the required information and data to manage pharma industries. This software creates coordination between medical representatives and physicians so that they can directly communicate with each other. This way, they get the necessary data and reports that can be helpful for both. Phyzii Pharma CRM uses a marketing automation system to automate all basic and routine tasks to reduce time and increase efficiency. This software also assists in making analyses and reports on various points that will be a handful in taking decisions.

To manage field operations of pharma industries, Phyzii effectively manages every working procedure like planning, managing, distributing, reporting, etc. To build healthy relations with customers, this software has every needed data of an organization’s customers. Different types of pharma and life science industries get benefitted from this platform, Phyzii can be used in Hospitals, Clinical Centers, Diagnostic centers, Chemists, Animal Hospitals, and various manufacturing companies.

Products of Phyzii CRM

To streamline the different work operations of pharma industries, Phyzii offers different variants of this tool. These tools individually perform their tasks to manage the pharma industry well.

PhyziiMLR – This variant of Phyzii handles all medical, legal, and regulatory approvals for detailing the content.

PhyziiPLAY – To add attractive gamified content to the detailing playlist, PhyziiPLAY is used by Phyzii.

PhyziiCOACH – This type of Phyzii tool provides excellent and effective suggestions based on different algorithms.

PhyziiZOOM – To manage the entire organization, this tool assists top management to handle the whole system with a dynamic and configurable KPI heat map.

Phyzii UNIFY – Helpful in deduplication of customers and mother MSL system

Phyzii360 – This tool seamlessly provides a 360-degree view of every customer to know every necessary information about that person.

Features of Phyzii CRM

Customer Oriented

This CRM solution mainly focuses on customers and provides numerous services that might be helpful for customers. After taking the services of this software, you get position-based lists, customer profiling, auto segmentation, network mapping, and much more.

Enhance Output

To enhance the business productivity of an organization, this tool provides accurate business planning. It manages primary and secondary sales to streamline the company’s sales.

Effective Administration

To establish effective management and administration in the pharma industry, this tool provides call reporting and call planning features. It handles attendance and leaves of the working employees too.

Excellent Personalization

To boost the results of an organization, Phyzii CRM features excellent personalization so that the company can create better relationships with its personalized customers.

Highly Secured

As this software contains a lot of significant data, it is required to be secured for this tool. Phyzii uses the AWS cloud to store all the data that is highly secured.

Insightful Analyses

To make better decisions, the analyses must be detailed and trustworthy. This CRM software real-time data to produce analyses and reports.


You can enjoy the services of Phyzii CRM on your mobiles too, as it is available on both android and iOS platforms.


To provide better output, this software easily integrates with the ecosystem of that pharma industry.

Targeted Playlist

This CRM software features a promotogram, segment playlists, page sequence, locked pages, and much more features.

Actionable Insights

This tool covers detailing adoption, segment promotion, brand facetime, content improvement, sequence, etc.

In addition to these above features, more significant factors make this tool a leading tool in the pharma sector.

Some more features of Phyzii CRM

  • CRM & Sales Report
  • Customer Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Email Templates
  • Lead Generation
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Workflow Management
  • Campaign Management


To get pricing ideas, you have to visit its official website. You will be provided with various popular offers. You can choose them as per your requirements. First of all, you need to visit its official website, and after you are to submit a form. After it, you can get the pricing details in your email.

Alternatives to Phyzii Pharma CRM

Phyzii is not the single platform which is providing customer management services for the pharma and healthcare industries. Numerous companies are engaged in this field. We have analyzed many pharma CRM software and picked some of them that can be alternatives to Phyzii CRM. The following CRM software can be used instead of Phyzii.

  • DocEngage
  • Qwark
  • Medismo Pharmasoft
  • Smartclick
  • SAN Pharma SFE
  • Creatio
  • Nethunt CRM
  • Kapture
  • BPM CRM Pharma
  • StayinFront

Specifications of Phyzii Pharma CRM

Company Name – Cirrius Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Supported Platforms – Windows, iOS, Android

Device – Mobile, Desktop

Deployment – Web-Based

Language – English

Suitable For – StartUps, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises

Final Note

In this article, we have tried to talk about Phyzii CRM software which is a software that can manage CRM in the healthcare and pharma industries. We have discussed all the necessary factors about this software in this post. We have also added the best alternative software that can be used in place of this tool. This tool is an appropriate choice for all CRM solutions because it contains all such aspects that are compulsory in a perfect pharma CRM tool.

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