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HDhub4u – Watch and Download Movies For Free

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HDhub4u is a free movie platform where you can watch any type of movie without paying anything. This platform provides all the latest movies in HD quality and high resolutions. This website’s name shows that it is a high picture quality movie provider website.

In this article, we will inform you all about what is necessary before visiting HDhub4u. To get all the relevant information, read this article to the end and get aware of this pirating website. We shall also tell you the negative aspects of watching and downloading movies from a pirating website because it is illegal to do piracy.

HDhub4u is a parental website of this platform, except for this name there are lots of similar websites which appear the same in name and do the same work. We will also inform you about such websites’ names in this article. So, to get updated, stay with us up to the last. (another name of this website)

In current times, the number of watching movies and web series is very high. Due to lack of time, everyone can’t go to cinemas and watch movies and can’t afford high fees of subscription of OTT platforms due to lack of money. Everyone can’t afford this money because they charge a huge amount. HDhub4u solves all types of such problems and features movies for everyone without paying anything and anytime. You can watch movies and web series whenever you have time to watch them. Either you can watch it online or you can download it to watch it later when you have time.

HDhub4u nit – an illegal platform

As we have discussed earlier that it is an illegal website because they pirate the movies and web shows after their release. But people don’t think about it too much, they just visit these types of websites and enjoy their movies and shows. Because most people don’t know that these sites are illegal and doing offenses. To save their money, people watch movies on such types of websites and download them to enjoy.

HDhub4u is available in various similar names like hdhub4u nit, hdhub4u ltd, hdhub4u fit, hdhub4u com, hdhub4u in, hdhub4u mx, hdhub4u store and many more. The core reason of such similar names is the ban of the Government. As piracy is illegal and not valid, government timely bans such websites. After the ban of websites, the makers of such sites create other websites which appear the same in their names. You can see some of hdhub4u websites banned after a particular time. To get movies and web series after the ban on these websites, you can visit similar websites that we have discussed above. We will timely update you about such websites and provide you with new websites’ names. – Download Movies and Web Series

This website provides not only movies in HD quality but also web series just after their release. You can watch every type of web series on this platform. All the latest web series are available on this website. HDhub4u pirates movies from various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, ALTBalaji, MX Player, Zee5, SonyLiv, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, etc. You don’t have to pay anything to watch and enjoy such web shows on HDhub4u. You also don’t have to take the subscription of various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more. HDhub4u features every OTT platform’s content at a single platform. That saves your money which you could have spent on taking a subscription.

HDhub4u fit – A Dubbed Movie Website

Movies and web shows are made in different languages that might not be understood by everyone. A person can’t understand multi-languages, so it was required to innovate dubbing art which helps people to understand another language. HDhub4u has all types of dubbed movies in various languages. You can watch Hindi dubbed movies, English dubbed movies, Tamil dubbed movies, Telugu dubbed movies, Kannada dubbed movies, and many more regional languages movies.

HD quality movies and web shows on Hdhub4u APK

HDhub4u is popular for providing various types of picture qualities. You can watch or download movies as per your choice. There are 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality movies are available. It is up to you, what you want, if you want to save your data then you must go for 360p quality movies because it takes fewer data. But if you want to experience high picture quality then you should go for 1080p quality. It will take more data than other modes. You can download movies in different picture qualities as per your requirements.

Movies and shows that are available on hdhub4u



720p high quality

1080p high quality

Dual Audio

Bollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

South Indian Movies

Tamil Movies

Tamil-Hindi Dubbed Movies

Telugu Movies

Telugu-Hindi Dubbed Movies

Malayalam Movies

Malayalam-Hindi Dubbed Movies

Marathi Movies

Marathi-Hindi Dubbed Movies

Kannada Movies

Gujarati Films

Punjabi Movies

Bhojpuri Films

Korean Movies

Korean Web Series

English Movies

Netflix Movies

Netflix Web Series

Amazon Prime Movies

Amazon Prime Web Shows

How To Watch Movies On

Whenever you want to watch and enjoy movie whether it is new or old movie, you need to firstly type Hdhub4u on google and then you will reach its website. There will be many similar domains which are the substitutes to its parental website. After reaching the website, you will find several categories which include movies and web series. The movies and web shows are categorized as below

300 MB Movies









Web Shows

Movie Series Collection

Dual Audio Movies

Other Free Websites which have the same features

hdhub4u is not only single website which provides movies and web series for free. There are numerous movie websites that have pirated and copied movies and web shows on their websites. You can watch full HD movies and web shows on these websites. You can watch movies that are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Voot, Zee5 and many more OTT platforms. These are such websites










Solar Movies








Why hdhub4u is an illegal website

We have been telling you from the very since that hdhub4u and its other similar websites are illegal websites. As you know that doing piracy and promoting it is a criminal offense in India and other countries. Because such website owners provide movies and web series for free that attracts a great number of viewers who watch movies and web shows without paying anything. This way, the producers and OTT platforms don’t get anything and they have to suffer a huge loss. For all such reasons government declared piracy as a criminal and illegal offense. We are also recommending you not to promote or create such websites or content that do not follow government guidelines otherwise you can face criticism and other types of penalties.

Government Policies on Pirating Content

Govt timely banns on such websites and impose charges on such doers. Whenever govt bans such websites, the makers of these websites create other similar websites which appear the same in name and format. In India, if a person who pirates movies or web series without the written authorization of the copyright owner, has to suffer punishment under the Cinematograph Act, 1952 (amended). The government timely brings new laws and regulations to debar such crimes and impose harsh punishment on criminals.

Why such websites are created

India is a big market for movies and web series with a great number of viewers. To watch movies and web series for free, people come to such websites and enjoy them. The owners of pirating websites attract a huge population to their websites and earn with various methods. When their websites have high traffic, they earn more with various ways like advertisements, affiliating programs, and many more. These are the major reason for making such similar websites again and again.

The Latest Movies on hdhub4u

Hdhub4u presents each and every new movie whenever it releases. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Bollywood movie or a Hollywood movie. This website also features South Indian Movies like Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, Marathi Movies, Kannada Movies, Punjabi Movies, and many more. Currently, the following are the latest movies on hdhub4u which you can watch without paying anything.

Netflix Movies

Loop Lapeta

Fistful of Vangeance

Texax Chainsaw Massacre


No One Gets Alive

The Unholy

The Guilty


The Whole Truth

Sweet Girl

Black Island

Things Heard & Seen

Night Teeth

Amazon Prime Movies

Pushpa: The Rise





Jai Bheem


Deep Water


Escape from Mogadishu

Irrudhi Pakkam

Good Luck Sakhi

Snake Eyes

The Green Knight

Mortal Kombat

Godzilla vs. Kong

Justice Society

The Latest Web Series on hdhub4u

You can enjoy various web series on hdhub4u without taking any subscription. Hdhub4u features web shows from numerous popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, SonyLiv, Disney+ Hotstar, Voot, MX Player, and many more. All these platforms charge decent fees for watching movies but hdhub4u makes it free for you. The following web series are available on hdhub4u

Netflix Web Series on Hdhub4u

Top Boy

The Last Kingdom

Business Proposal

Dark Desire

The Silent Sea

Amazon Prime Web Series


The Wheel of Time



The Expanse

Disney+ Hotstar Web Series

The Dropout



Raven’s Home

How I Met Your Father

Current Working Websites of hdhub4u

We have already told you that govt timey bans these pirating websites for breaching the law. To get escape these obstacles, the makers of these websites create substitute websites so that they can use them when a website is removed from the internet. Every pirating website maker makes a lot of similar websites to get rid of such hurdles. We can see some of the hdhub4u substitutes on the internet. These are the working websites –

Hdhub4u rest

Hdhub4u cz

Hdhub4u movie download

Hdhub4u apk download

Hdhub4u apk

Hdhub4u nit

Hdhub4u ltd

Hdhub4u fit

Hdhub4u in.

Hdhub4u Store

Hdhub4u mx

Hdhub4u trend

Legal and Authentic Movie Platforms

In this article, we have earlier told you that these all are pirating website which copy content from various sources and platforms. The Website makers leak movies and web shows by recording through camera or other digital tools. That’s why the video prints of these websites are normally blur and not so high picture quality. We have tested and analyzed some other alternatives that you must enjoy and get movies without any piracy issue. For such platforms or websites, you have to pay for watching and streaming movies and shows. Every OTT platform has decided a fix subscription fee. You can opt their monthly, half yearly, and annually plans whatever suits to you. These following are our top pickers for valid platforms –


Prime Video

Hungama Play

Jio Cinema

Airtel Xtream




MX Player




Ullu APP


YouTube Premium

Eros Now



Discover Plus


We are informing you that you should not use such pirating websites to watch and download movies. As you know pirating is a criminal offense, you should avoid such websites. We never recommend or promote such pirating websites. You have to suffer criticism or penalty for promoting pirated content. In this article, we have just provided information regarding the procedures of these websites. You must use authentic platforms for watching or downloading movies and web shows. You can use Netflix, Amazon Prime, MX Player,  ALTBalaji, Voot, Zee5, SonyLiv, Hungama TV, YouTube, and many more OTT platforms.


Hdhub4u is a website that provides movies and web shows for free. You are to visit its website and then enjoy the latest movies and web series. This platform provides movies and web series in high picture quality that enhance your watching experience. It is your choice that you can experience movies and shows online or offline (after downloading). The makers of such websites copy or leak movies illegally which is a criminal offense. We again highly recommend not to visit such websites. You can use other authentic options for watching movies and shows.

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