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eyeZy Reviews 2022: Should You Use It?

eyeZy - phone monitoring app
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eyeZy is one of the most powerful and handy phone monitoring apps that let you track the phone of your children, relative, or family member. This app helps you monitor a mobile phone that you want to track. Its simple and easy-to-use dashboard enables you to track messages, phone calls, notifications, web browsing history, etc. This phone monitoring app is considered a leading tracking tool for all such specifications.

In this article, we will share our views on this phone monitoring app that lets you track a phone without permission. We will cover all the specifications, prices, and unique features that make this app the best one.

There are several reasons for monitoring the phone of others. A parent has all the rights to check the activities of his or her children. As the number of fraudulent activities is getting increase day by day, parents must be aware of their children. You can use this app to spy on other person’s mobiles, you will get all the information with the help of eyeZy. You should have the authority to monitor the mobile phones of people otherwise it will be considered a crime.

How To Use eyeZy? | How Does eyeZy Work? | How Do I use eyeZy?

Now it is very easy to control your children and loved ones. If you want to monitor their phones, you can simply take the services of eyeZy, the most powerful phone tracking app. There is no need to gather much knowledge for eyeZy, you need to just follow these simple steps to start this app.

  1. Install the eyeZy, the most powerful monitoring app from your Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. After installing the app, you need to buy your subscription to eyeZy.
  3. Now, you can log in to this monitoring app with your registered ID and Password.
  4. You will be able to track the phone of your children and loved ones just after creating an account here.

By following these easy steps, you will be able to access other’s phones.

Features of eyeZy – The Phone Monitoring App

User-Friendly Dashboard

When you open the eyeZy app, you get a dashing Dashboard with lots of features that are organized in a good manner. On the center of the screen, you find an overall view of the activities and behaviour of your children in a graphical mode. This graphical view gives us a lot of information about their behaviour. On the left side of the dashboard, you get a list of the tabs that are directed to the features of this monitoring app. Here you find Keystroke Capture, Social Spotlight, Phone Analyzer, Pinpoint, Plans Breakers, and many more excellent features that enhance the beauty of this monitoring tool.

User Friendly Dashboard

Keystroke Capture

Keystroke Capture is all about monitoring all the keystrokes that your children hit on the keyboard of mobile. This feature alarms you whenever they are in danger, if they type something abnormal or dangerous, you will be notified by this app. There are two types of Keylogger in this app, Keylogger for Android Users and Keylogger for iPhone users.

Keylogger of eyeZy

Keylogger for Android

If you want to monitor the keystrokes of an android device then you have to install a keylogger. Some monitoring apps provide without any extra charges such as eyeZy does but for some other apps, you have to install an outsider keylogger app. But you need to be alert while choosing outsider keyloggers as they might be scams and it may cost you expensive as you may lose your data to them. eyeZy’s keylogger generally works on each type of android but it would be better if your android device is above Android 4.0.

You can simply install a keylogger to another’s device remotely, you do not require to install the app personally. If the mobile does not fulfill the required points, you must personally set up the app.  

Keylogger for iPhone

Keylogger for iPhone features more specifications than an android keylogger. You need just follow the simple installing process same as the android device, your app will be installed easily. The main difference between keylogger for android and keylogger for iPhone is jailbreaking feature. It means you have to jailbreak the iPhone where you want to install a keylogger. You should be aware while jailbreaking any iPhone as it is quite risky.

You can’t install a keylogger on iPhone as you have to jailbreak it and to jailbreak a device, you need to personally access that device. You should avoid the free keylogger apps for an iPhone as there are higher chances of scams. You should take the services of a paid and authentic keylogger app.

Screen Recording Tool

eyeZy features a screen recording tool that helps you monitor the activities of your children while they are using the device. If they are chatting with a stranger, you can simply get snapshots of their conversations on your mobile. It does not matter where they are chatting, it might be WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Snapchat, and many more chatting platforms, you are able to track their activities everywhere.

eyeZy Screen Recorder

Social Media Platforms

If you want to track or monitor the activities of your children, their social media accounts are the right choice for you. As there are high chances of disparity and you can find something abnormal here. You can access other’s Text Messages, iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram with the help of eyeZy monitoring app. You can check that with whom your children are talking and get in touch on all the social media platforms. You can also have a look at what types of posts your children like, share, and comment on there. This way, you will be able to protect your children from getting in trouble.

Phone Analyzer

With all the above social media tracking features, you get a complete phone analyzer facility too. This feature lets you track the call logger of another’ mobile. Where you can monitor all the call logs, from where he or she gets called and where they call. You get all the details with accurate timings, which means you will know for how long they talk with each other and what time they talk. This way, you will be able to analyze all the activities of your children.

To Track the call logs of other people, you have to personally access the mobile device of those people. It is not possible that you can get all the details of his call history by knowing his or her mobile number. It is only possible that there is a call tracker app on the device.   

GPS Tracker

If you install eyeZy monitoring app on the device of your children or loved ones, you will be assured of their security and there will be no tension regarding their presence. eyeZy app is integrated with a google map that helps you get the route where you want to go to track your children. This app offers you some incredible features as you are able to create a geofence where you can set limits on your children. If they leave that particular limits this app will notify you instantly.

GPS Tracker

Restricted Apps and Websites

There are thousands of apps and websites that should not be used by children. If you want to set limits on such apps and websites, you can take the help of the eyeZy app that features these types of services. You have to set a list of apps and websites that should not be used by them and block them. In this list, you can add adult content websites, gambling sites, expensive games, fraudulent apps, etc.

eyeZy helps you block the apps that are already installed on the device of your children. Suppose, if you do not like that your son play PUBG, you can block it from your mobile.

Files Finder

It is quite simple to get all the data that is stored on another’s device, if you want to monitor another’s mobile and you install the eyeZy app there, you will be able to find any type of file from his or her mobile. Suppose, you have installed this app on your children’s phone and you want to watch what types of photos, videos, and documents they store on their phone, you need to just click on this feature of the files finder. This feature helps in another sense also, if you need a document that you don’t carry with you but your son has that file, you can simply take that document from your son’s device without letting him know.


This feature lets you track the device of your children and loved ones. If they are regularly going to a place that is not secured, you will get a notification that time. You can not track the mobile phone without installing the tracking app on the person’s mobile that you want to monitor. If you want to track any mobile with its mobile number then it is not possible. There is no chance that you can track them with a mobile number.

Is it legal to use eyeZy?

The makers of eyeZy app say that it depends on the use of this monitoring app. If you are using eyeZy to spy on or track the activities of your children that are below 18 then there is no problem and it is legal as the parents have the right to do so. But if you use this tool for another person for whom you do not have any rights then it will be an illegal act.  

Pros And Cons of eyeZy App

There are always two sides to a coin. eyeZy app also has both effects and some of them are positive and some are negative. It depends on the conditions and people. Let’s see the Pros and Cons of this monitoring tool.

Pros of eyeZy

Parental Control

We can say that this app is specially designed for keeping parental controls on children. As the use of mobile and gadgets is getting increased daily, in such conditions there is a need for such controls. This app helps the parents to know what is their child doing on mobile. This way they can protect them from any type of obstacles.

Track Your Loved Ones

This app is built not only for children but you can keep an eye on your loved ones like your husband, friends, and many more. You can track their locations, call logs, internet activities, etc.


As you are able to know the locations, you can help them whenever they are in any problem. There are some websites and apps that can mislead your children, with the help of this amazing tool you can save them from getting indulge in such inappropriate activities. We can say that eyeZy is one of the best phone monitoring cum security apps too.


This app is available at economical prices. You do not need to expend much money for getting the services of this tracking app.

Customer Care Support

There is always a team of eyeZy app that provides any type of help to their customers. You can contact them anytime they are available 24*7. You can contact them through email, live chat, etc.

 Cons of eyeZy App

Over Possessiveness

If you are tracking all the activities of your children then it might result in some negative effects. You can lose trust in their eyes as they have some right to live freely.

Privacy Issues

If this app is used for illegal purposes, then there are lots of chances for a crime. If the data is leaked without any authority, then it might be used in some criminal offense.

Pricing of eyeZy

As we have already told you that this monitoring tool is available at cheaper prices. There are different rates that are based on the timings of the plans. This app offers three popular plans and they are as follows.

  • 1 Month Plan – You have to pay $68.56/per month per device.
  • 3 Months Plan – You have to pay $39.98/per month per device.
  • 12 Months Plan – You have to pay $14.27/per month per device.

If you go for a one-month plan then it will be costly for you. We would like to suggest that you should buy the subscription for 12 months as it would be cheaper for you. These plans are not affected by the features, you get the same features in all three plans. You also get a money-back guarantee that is valid for the first 14 days of the subscription.

Is eyeZy app Safe?

Of course, there is no threat in using this monitoring tool. As this app boasts of higher security aspects, you can monitor any mobile without any worries.

How do I cancel my eyeZy subscription?

To cancel your subscription to eyeZy, you must first end your billing to this tool. It should be done before the renewal date of your subscription. To do so, you have to go billing and pricing section where you can easily cancel your subscription.

How is eyeZy installed?

By following some quick steps you can install your eyeZy app.
1.     First, go to the Google Play Store or App Store (if you are iPhone user)
2.     Search eyeZy app in the search bar of your Google Play Store or App Store.
3.     Download the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

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