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VPN – Definition, Benefits, Types, And the Best VPNs

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) sets up a private and secure network so that you can privately work and perform in the public network without any interruption. It protects your network from being tracked by any other party. While using VPN, no one can interrupt your privacy and steal your data. It is advised that every time, when you use a public network like public Wi-Fi, you must use VPN. VPN keeps your network safe from intruders. It mainly hides your IP address to secure your network, this way no one tracks your activities like your search history, watch history, and many more.

VPN works as a tunnel that does not allow any person to see your activities and hides you from intruders. You can perform any task or visit any site, outsiders like cybercriminals, government agencies, spy agencies, etc. can’t look into your network.

It was initially invented for remote workers so that they can use a private network to send or receive files and documents. The motive of this network was to operate business privately and securely because any company’s data is the most significant asset for any entity.

Requirement of VPN

There must be a question in your mind right now, and it should be, what is the requirement of having a VPN?

The answer is quite simple, whenever you work on a public network that is usually unprotected and risky, there are a great number of chances that your data and information are under threat. Anyone can easily step into your network and steal your files, data, secured and private documents. Security is the main concern for using a VPN and no one can neglect this aspect.

We are going to discuss some VPN service providers

Quick VPN

Quick VPN apk is one of the best Virtual Private Networks that provide free services. With the help of this VPN, you can hide your IP address to securely encrypt your network, bypass any ban or restriction that is imposed by your government. It also assists in privately surfing on public or unsecured wi-fi connections. You will be able to secure your data from cyber thefts, malfunctions, and many more obstacles. The processing of this is quite easy and simple, there is no need to gain a wide knowledge to operate it. The speed of this network is pretty faster than any other tools.

You have to just download this Quick and after downloading it, you need to select a country from where you would like to navigate your network. Quick offers networks from many countries like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, South Korea, India, France, Australia, and many more countries. Quick VPN download takes no charges for its services.

Key Specifications:

Supports mostly every mobile network like Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, 5G

Antenna Gauge that timely inspects server’s round trip

Does not save your network data

Free License

Developed by Lipisoft

Singapore VPN

Singapore VPN is also safe, secure, and convenient in use. You can protect your network while using a public network, unsecured networks like a hotspot, Wi-Fi, and personal mobile data. With this Singapore VPN apk, your all data is secured and no one can enter your data. This is named Singapore VPN because there are too many restrictions on the internet across Singapore. This assists you to bypass any network bans, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows that you can’t watch due to the government’s shutdown. This VPN provides its services around the globe, you can take its services in several countries.

To operate this VPN, you need to first download it from the internet and then open this app. After opening this app, you need to select the country from which you want to navigate the network, you will be able to bypass the network and can enjoy the restricted or banned websites.

Key Features:

Singapore VPN is 100% Free

Unlimited Bandwidth

Developed by VPN Proxy Master (Fuj)

New UI in the Latest Version

Hola VPN

There are many restrictions over several internet services across the world, Hola removes this obstacle and makes it possible to enjoy such services. Hola VPN is also one of those VPNs that creates access to such blockages or restrictions. Hola is known for its faster speed that is worth praising, you don’t need to think about its buffering problem. With Hola, you can encrypt and secure your network and you can hide your real location with a new IP address. This tool is also freely available, you don’t need to pay to experience its services. Hola is a peer-to-peer VPN that is used by more than 160 million people in the world. If you go for its premium version, then you will be able to enjoy far better services, your access will hike that covers more websites, more apps, and more devices.

Key Features:

Fast, Free and Secure VPN

Almost 5 Star Ratings

Use on any device


UFO VPN provides its services on a large scale. You can enjoy its services on Android, iOS, and Windows. This unblocks every restriction that is imposed by security agencies. This helps you enjoy free or public wi-fi without any hacking threats. With the help of UFO, you can stay anonymous while using any network. UFO also optimizes video calls of Whatsapp, Skype, and many more platforms. You can take its services for free as it provides its services for free and paid. This service charges its users weekly, monthly, and yearly. Its weekly plan is available for $7.99, if you want to enjoy its services for a month, then you have to pay $11.99. UFO works on No logs, No monitoring mode that provides you higher security. You can protect your network while working on the internet.

Key Features:

Smart Routing Priority

24*7 Troubleshooting

Worldwide 2000+ Servers

Link up to 5 devices.

Free and Paid

Solo VPN

This is a free VPN service provider tool that is powerful with its significant features. It is quite easy and convenient in connection; you can easily connect to this service provider. It simply protects and hides your network so that no one can know where are you from? You can enjoy each and every website that is blocked by govt. Whenever you use public wi-fi or internet services, there is a threat of cybercrime, you can avoid it by using Solo. This VPN has no speed limitations, you can stream videos and games without any speed limit. There is also no bandwidth limitation. Solo covers a wide range across the world as it covers more than 30 countries. There is no need to follow too many formalities to connect with this server as you can simply use this app without any sign up or registration.

Key Features

Free, Fast, and Encrypted

No Sign-Up or Registration

Covers More than 30 Countries

One Tap Protection

What is the full form of VPN

Virtual Private Network

How to play PUBG without VPN

PUBG Mobile Version 1.7.0 does not require any VPN to play PUBG.

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